Friday 4 September 2020

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Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! I'm still here for the weekly k-drama review (except for last week) and this is a drama from early this year.

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Title : Rugal
Episodes : 16
Genre : Action, Science-fiction, Crime
Director : Kang Cheol Woo
Writer : Rilmae (webcomic)
Network : OCN, Netflix
Cast : Choi Jin Hyuk, Jo Dong Hyuk, Park Sung Woong, Jung Hye In, Park Sun Ho, Han Ji Wan, Kim Min Sang
Plot : 

Kang Gi Beom is an elite police officer. After losing his teammates while trying to bring Argos, a criminal organization down, he swore on his life to end all of the people who involved. On his  wedding anniversary, he found his dying wife was attacked by Argos and ended up losing his eyes. Kang Gi Beom was accused to be the psychotic detective that kills his own wife. While serving in the prison, he was contacted by Chief Choi who then help him broke out of prison. Chief Choi then introduced him to Rugal, a secret organization formed by the government to bring Argos down. Through biotechnology, Gi Beom received two artificial eyes with special ability. He then works with the other Rugal team member, Han Tae Woong (former Argos member), Song Mina (Gi Beom's colleague who supposed to be dead) , and Lee Gwang Cheol (one of the Argos victim). Slowly, they worked together with the instruction of Chief Choi to destroy Hwang Deuk Gu and Argos.

This drama is based on a webcomic, 'Rugal' by Rilmae published in 2016.


From the very first episode, my only thought was, 'Wow, this is one hella brutal drama !' maybe with a little exaggeration but you got the drill. I love the way that this Argos organization was moved by a several leader with Ko Yong Deok as the head but the other leaders still didn't lose their air time. They really had their own roles for all of the bad things. Even though their role was not directly harmed Rugal in anyway, they still got the bad blood. I think this is the first drama that have several people fought for the power as it is usually just two or three side.

The plot is a bit complicated but I can say that it was well arranged and I really love it ! There was a little plot twist that I don't see coming and it was quite shocking. Even with that revelation, Gi Beom's trust to Rugal started to get shaken and things get a little complicated especially with the interruption of his AI eyes. Another plus point was their action scenes. Oh, I really loves them! I couldn't keep my eyes of them when they got into a fight. I couldn't help but to look for their forms and stances. Be it the body stunt or the actor themselves, they did really really well. Every single one of them; even as minor as Seol Min Jun.

I gotta say that science-fiction movies were my guilty pleasure but I haven't watch much of this genre lately (let's just say that I'm too lazy to look up). Hence, this drama got me out of my separation(?) for a moment. The most obvious AI character of course Gi Beom as he got the most dangerous and developed artificial eyes. There was time that his eyes failed him and even got controlled of his body. That was really crazy to think of. Next to him, there was the leader of Rugal, Han Tae Woong. He got an artificial arm and that very arm was so powerful. He definitely is my favorite character. As for Mina, she only got a chip planted in her but I am not really sure of the function. And lastly, Lee Gwang Cheol; he had artificial organs (I think it was liver, stomach and intestine) and lived on with battery. Their conditions were monitored by Bradley, Susan and Dr. Oh. Their artificial parts definitely helped every one of them to continue living as a person. 

As for the character development, I frequently question Chief Choi's character because he really did well in directing Rugal team members but there was some shady part of him that I find really suspicious. At first seems genuinely wanted to take Argos down but his command sometimes contradicting with his intention. All because he really wanted to protect Rugal secrecy. This is my first time watching Park Sung Woong as a villain. I believe that I had watched quite a number of his works and most of them are on the good side. It is a new side of him and that side did really really well. I love how he fake laugh whenever he found his enemy amusing. Damn that Hwang Deuk Gu. I wished for more insight on his character as I keep questioning on how he got involved as the first test subject for Rugal project and how come Chief Choi easily let him go after the test. 

Another concept that I really love was the bromance between Han Tae Woong and Kang Gi Beom. I love the way they are supporting each other and always look out for one another despite their history. Han Tae Woong  was a really matured character and the best of him is he knows how to separate private and professional affair. One character that I found really pitiful was Seol Min Jun. He indirectly is a Rugal members as he helped in taking Argos down. He is an undercover police officer who went to penetrate Argos leaders. He is successful until Hwang Deuk Gu found out about him. He was used to be one of the test subject for Hwang Deuk Gu's illegal biotechnology development. When he died, he couldn't even get the justice and recognition that he deserved.

For the ending, Gi Beom finally able to beat Hwang Deuk Gu and their mission is completed. Even with the defeat of Argos, it doesn't feel good. Things kind of get heavy, maybe because of the secret that Chief Choi hide from Rugal member. It was a bit devastating seeing them part ways. Yeah, all four of them went on different ways after all things that happen. That kind of unusual. Is there season two i smell ? It kinds of leave me hoping seeing Hwang Deuk Gu in the prison with a mysterious gaze after a doctor check up on him and that suspicious massage that Kang Gi Beom received ? Yeah, I am really hoping for season two. 

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