Saturday, 13 February 2021

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Will You Be There?

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Happy weekend everyone! I feel like this month is the month for me to use up my money. Lol. Anyway, I was planning to watch a Thai movie but I kind of just click on whatever movie so, here we go again with anothe South Korean movie.

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Title : Will You Be There? 
Runtime : 110 minutes
Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2016
Director : Hong Ji Young
Writer : Hong Ji Young, Guillaume Musso (novel)
Cast : Kim Yun Seok, Byun Yo Han
Plot : 

After operating on a baby with a cleft during his visit in Cambodia, the grandfather of the baby gave the surgeon, Han Soo Hyun a bottle of ten pills. After discovering that he had terminal illness, Soo Hyun wanted to see his girlfriend, Yeon-a who died 30 years ago. The first time he took the pills, he found himself waking up at train station from 30 years ago, in 1985. There, he met his younger self. After a certain time, he is back to his present time. With the help of the pills, Soo Hyun get his wished to see Yeon-A for the last time.
This movie is based on a French novel by Guillaume Musso  entitled "Seras-tu la?" published in 2006 by XO Edition.


I was shocked at the first scene because of the Angkor Watt monument. What a way to start off a movie. Honestly,  time travel theme is cliche but it still works for every movie or drama. Same goes to this movie. With the time travel theme, it is cliche but I still like it nonetheless.

Soo Hyun initially wanted to see Yeon-a for the last time after discovering his illness even though he can save her. After his third visit (I think it is) he doesn't intended to get back to the past. However, his younger self called for him. He wanted to save Yeon-a no matter what. And with a few conditions that will save both Yeon-a and Soo-a (Soo Hyun's daughter), the older Soo Hyun agrees.

I love how they show Soo Hyun life is affected in 2015 due to what Soo Hyun in 1985 did. It's funny when 2015 Soo Hyun went to his friend farm only to found out that they haven't been in contact for the past 30 years. But after he went back to his home, that same friend called him asking when would he arrived and who is Soo-a. 

The story-line is pretty simple and light, making it an easy watch. This movie is much more than romance between partners because it is also story of love between friend and father-daughter. Such a heart-warming movie. Oh, the ending is just perfect!

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  1. ikr time travel is cliche, but it still interesting to watch! Might be watching this after Space Sweepers hehe

    1. you probably should! i haven't had the chance to watch that movie yet but will do like after i had watch all other movie that planned to watch hehe

  2. Wah.. macam menarik.. Suka juga cerita time travel ini..

  3. semangat untuk tengok cerita korea pon hilang entah ke mana..

    sekarang nk tengok kartun je! HAHA