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Oh My Baby

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Title : Oh My Baby
Episodes : 16 
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Director : Nam Ki Hoon 
Writer : No Sun Jae
Network : tvN
Cast : Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, Jung Gun Joo
Plot : 

Jang Hari is a 39 years old workaholic single woman who works at a magazine company called 'The Baby'. For the past 10 years, Hari hadn't date any men. Hari had a dream to have a normal family; a family with a husband at her side and child of her own. Nearing the age of 40s with no man to call her own, she decided to give up on finding love and marriage but she still wanted to have a baby of her own.  Hari came up with three potential sperm donor; (1) Yoon Jae Young. A lifelong friend of Hari who left her just because his ex-wife didn't approve of their friendship. Now divorced with almost one year old daughter, he stay at Hari's mother house as she insisted. He and Hari then rekindled their friendship (2) Han Yi Sang. A freelancer photographer. Three years ago, he met Hari for the first time at an event. An acquaintance of them tried to match them up but Yi Sang isn't interested. (3) Choi Kang Eu Ddeum. A rookie employee at the advertising department of 'The Baby'. He had a bright, cheerful and positive personality. Eu Ddeum adored Hari and ended up liking her.


First of all, I really enjoyed this drama. The theme of rom-com is conveyed perfectly. At first I was expecting Hari to have a hard time choosing between those three and I really didn't expect the romance to bloom really quick. Even for the first three or four episodes, I can guess who will be her hero and the father of her future child. It is that obvious with the screen time of those actors and also because of the connection that Hari and that person had.

I was surprise at how fast Hari and that person grow fond to each other because then the story will lose their plot. What I didn't expect was the serious issue of male infertility and also Hari's endometriosis. With these issues came up, Hari's dream to have a baby seems impossible. Hari was aware of her situation with endometriosis but decided to pushed back the surgery as it can reduced her chance of getting pregnant. But then, after knowing the infertility issues with her partner, she crumbled even more. When her situation worsen and she had the surgery, she abandon the idea of having her own baby. This situation made me a little baffled because Hari knew her situation from the start but she is the one who pushed back the surgery. Plus, it wasn't like she can't ever get pregnant. 

After that point, the story gets a little draggy and that unnecessary time skip really annoyed me. I personally think it will make more sense if they keep up with the positive attitude to have baby while attending treatment session for male infertility together instead of just him alone. Plus, she worked with an infertile couple who finally managed to conceived a baby so shouldn't she be more in uplifting mood? Sure, it is okay to be a little down and sad that the plan got pushed back but to give up entirely? That's a big no for me.

For the first time ever, or at least I think this is the first time I really really hate the second male lead which is Hari's friend, Yoon Jae Young. I hate the fact that he is back in her life shamelessly after cutting her out of his life just because his ex-wife didn't approve of their friendship. I hate the fact that he, shamelessly fall in love with her and tried to meddle in Hari's relationship. It really is annoying. It probably will not annoyed me so much if he pursued her when she is not in relationship but Hari is already in relationship and happy. If he really was a good friend, he will respect her decision and support her. Glad that he realize that he is being greedy.

Despite all the seriousness, I love the humor that they put in between. It makes this drama lighter. My favorite was the little sound effect that they put here and there to enhance the emotion more. It gets a little funnier with the sound effect, it gets a little cheesy with sound effect, it gets a little awkward with the sound effect and it definitely gets a little more joy with the sound effect. I guess, it really completes this drama.

The ending however, get me a little disappointed. It didn't give much satisfaction to me even though when it is obvious that Hari is in labor. Maybe all the time skip take my satisfaction away. Who knows? Overall, it is still a great drama to enjoy after a full day of working. Plus, I enjoyed learning others perspectives of having a child.

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  1. Jang Nara tak pernah mengecewakan kalau berlakon and pilih drama! Tapi betul, ending dia sedikit tak best tapi overall not bad. Boleh diterima ☺️

  2. Heroin kesukaan encik suami ini.. Comel kata dia..

  3. Mama suka Gak romncom boleh try bila dah abis tgk yg lenlain

  4. tak tengok lagi tapi minat kat Jang Nara :)

  5. tak tahu pula jang nara ada drama baru. nanti nak usha sikit..hehe