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Sorry, I Love You

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! How was your weekend? Yesterday is 4th April, how many things that did you buy this time? None? Good! Okay, that was me stress-talking. Let's get back to the review.

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Title : Sorry, I Love You
Runtime : 105 minutes
Genre : Romance
Country / Language : China / Mandarin, English
Released year : 2014
Director : Larry Yang
Writer : Lee Kyung Hee 
Cast : Vivian Dawson, Swan Wen
Plot : 

Walker was involved in gangsterism in Vancouver. He is left alone after his foster parents died. After one incident with the gang, Walker had a ticking bomb inside his brain. He was determined to go back to China and looked for his biological parents and also his twin sister. Walker then met with En Cai, a girl that he saved from thugs few months back in Vancouver. Walker then discover that En Cai works for his mother, the one who he believed had abandon him and his sister when they were babies. He then accept his mother's offer to become the driver of Trey, his mother's adopted son and begin to plot his revenge. With the help of En Cai, he looked for his sister at the same time. With a time limit, Walker find himself making decision that might hurt the people that he love.

This movies is based on South Korean drama series, 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' directed by Lee Hyung Min and written by Lee Kyung Hee. This drama starring So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung aired in 2004.


This movie have a great storyline, however, it is not well executed. I actually have a great expectation from this movie as it is a remake from SK drama and that drama did really well. The first quarter of 105 minutes, had too much scenes and honestly, it is hard for me to catch up. I get confused on who is the male antagonist at first because the only name that registered in my mind was Jodi, who turned out as a good friend of Walker (the real male antagonist, our hero). From the moment before he went to prison and after he was released were too fast and if you don't pay enough attention, you might get confused.

Things get clearer when Walker arrived in China to look for his biological parents. He then coincidentally met with En Cai again at the house of a woman who he believed to be his biological mother. When En Cai's employer asked to be a driver for his son, he immediately agreed.  Walker wanted to seek revenge to his mother as she abandon them when they were babies. However, when he started to spent his time with that family, he realized that he longs for mother's love. 

What I didn't expect was the plot twist. The past that he knows of weren't true at all. There was so much more into the history of their abandonment. There were so much pain behind that and it causes so much damaged to them(Walker and his twin), the innocent party.

While the plot and storyline gets better through the movie, the acting however is not. Not that it gets worse it just feels so scripted and the emotion played weren't good enough (ore melayu kato kaku, kayu gitu). Plus, the directing isn't that great either. There were so much emotional scenes in this movie but I couldn't find myself tearing up. Just the ending got me teary and that's all. Even the romance between En Cai and Walker just lukewarm. And for me, it wasn't cute either. Just, them... I guess? 

Despite the shortcomings, I could still enjoy this movie (but this may took me a looooonger time to re-watch). One thing that keep me going was Vivian's (Walker) English narration. Plus, I love En Cai's character. She's what I said dumbly cute. Like, so cute like dumb but not dumb. And boy, the ending really caught me off guard. I have expectation of how Walker's life will be like but not En Cai. Real surprise there.

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  1. dulu dulu memang suka betul tengok filem hong kong... zaman sammi cheng, louis koo, andy lau dulu... sekarang je dah banyak layan filem korea pulak

    1. Hahaha zaman zaman tu mmg laju tengok filem hk

  2. So Ji Sub!!Hahaha.. Thank you for the review, will make time untuk tengok Chinese version ni :)

  3. tajuk cerita nii macam cerita drama korea. tp drama lama la

  4. Dah tengok berulang kali. Sedih woo movie ni. Tapi macam tak sampai. Tak sesedih yang korea punya versi. dah tengok? So Ji Sub punya lakonan.

    1. Haahhh movie ni sedih tapi rasa macam scripted sangat pulak lakonan... Yg korea punya tak tgk lagi, maybe nnti tgk.

  5. kadang-kadang bila diadaptasi sama ada lebih bagus atau kaku tak sampai emosinyakan..

    1. tapi selalunya mesti tak smpai emosi... huhu sebab tula tak berapa nak tengok cerita remake ni.