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Prison Playbook

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Title : Prison Playbook / Wise Prison Life
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Drama, Comedy, Sport, Romance
Director : Shin Won Ho
Writer : Jung Boo Hoon
Network : tvN
Cast : Park Hae Soo, Jung Kyung Ho
Plot : 

Kim Je Hyuk is one of the top pitcher in Korea. He is in talk to sign with the major league. One night, his mother asked him to check on his sister. When he entered her apartment building, he heard his sister's scream with a man running out of her door. Je Hyuk then chased the man and had a physical struggle with him. Je Hyuk then strike the man with trophy, causing the man to fall into coma. Even though it is a self-defense (as he is defending his sister and chasing after her rapist) Je Hyuk is sentenced for one year in prison for excessive force. Feeling devastated, he have to adjust and adapt his new life in the prison. Luckily, his old good friend, Joon Ho is a correctional officer at the prison. With Joon Ho's help, Je Hyuk began his life in the prison.


This drama is one of the favorite of many k-drama addicts. I have added this drama in my list long ago but I kind of forgot it exist. Anyway, I understand why so many people loves this drama. It was amazing! I freaking loves it so much!

Being one of the top athletes, I expect Je Hyuk to be super cocky, and full of himself and smart. But, he is not. I loves how they make his character. Even thought he is simple-minded, a bit foolish and definitely not so smart, he still knew how to be sly and quickly adapt to living in prison. Hell, he even managed to trap one of the gangster who wanted to hurt him.

Each episodes were filled with laughter.  It were all simple and silly things but they really makes it funny. I had so much fun laughing and enjoying each episode. Even though one episode lasts for about one and half an hour, it doesn't actually feels that long, thanks to all the humor! And I especially loves how they used bgm and sound effects. I remember one of the scene where Je Hyuk is waiting for his lover, Ji Ho to come to visit him after he successfully asked her out again. When the guard came and called his name for visitation, he got all shiny and smiley, expecting it to be Ji Ho. Even the music said it is Ji Ho. But then the guard said it was his lawyer the music immediately stopped as his mood went downhill. Oh gosh, that is one of my favorite scene.

And then his cellmates were all kind! I mean, in general prison-drama we only got like one ally in a cell. But in this drama, they were like one troop. I loves how they got each other's back. Like, when Captain Yoo first came to the cell they were all like, "oh, no, he is bad news. Protect everyone" but when he saves Officer Song's life, they were all thanks and became best buds! And when Crony first came to the cell? It was hilarious. They get all defensive with his existence and protect Je Hyuk even in the middle of night. Even the druggie, Looney. I also loves how they told the story of each cellmates and their past leading them to the prison. It was really good to see how some of the people got in because of things they are not responsible of and how some people really deserved his sentence.

The brotherhood between Je Hyuk and Joon Ho was quite admirable. They haven't seen one another in a long time but I loves how Joon Ho was voluntarily asked for transfer as Je Hyuk being transfer to another facility. And the way he insisted on helping Je Hyuk to play baseball again was crazy. He don't even have any ulterior motives.

Things that make me kind of disappointed with the ending was one, how Looney who struggled to stay off drugs for months in the prison got out and take the drug literally five minutes after stepping out of the prison. And I do think it kind of a trap or conspiracy as the police was ready right there and immediately arrested him right after he injected the drug. But, the dealer wasn't taken in. Definitely a conspiracy. Another thing is I really hope to see the released cellmates to like meet again, maybe at the stadium where Je Hyuk make comeback. I mean they really protect and encourage him for that moment and yeah, it is disappointing to not see their reaction at his comeback.

For overall, I highly recommended this drama as I really really enjoyed watching it. It definitely going to my all time favorite list.

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  1. Drama ni underrated tapi best namati! Menyesal tak tengok awal awal, sekali tengok pehhh sayang nak habiskan hahahaha. Sampai sekarang terbayang bayang si looney tu hahaha. Sebab dalam hi by mama, watak dia sedihhhh. Tak boleh lari dari watak looney dalam diri dia.
    Tapi betul tu su, sian dengan looney. Baruuuu keluar penjara sekejapp, tapi tertangkap lagi sekali.

    1. betul! masa mula-mula keluar ingtkan biasa-biasa jee... dah tengok, hah rasa x cukup! sedihkannnn, rasa macam kena perangkap jeee =(

  2. waalaikumussalam. best! memang suka tengok sampai dah ulang 2 kali rasanya :D

  3. Selamat menonton su :)
    tq sharing and review!

  4. ramai dah recommend kata drama ni best. bolehlah mya tengok sambil kena house arrest ini kan.

    1. hahah boleh boleh... ceritanya pun santai, tak berat

  5. I should watch this drama when i am free.

  6. Salam, thanks for sharing, menarik ceritanya..