Tuesday 13 July 2021

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Save Me

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I think I skip a review last week, did I not? Well, I have been feeling too lazy to turn on laptop, that's why hehehe

Title : Save Me
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Director : Kim Sung Su
Writer : Jo Geum San, Jung Shin Gyu, Jung Yi Do
Network : OCN
Cast : Seo Ye Ji, Ok Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, Cho Seong Ha, David Lee, Ha Ho Jung
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Plot : 

Im Sang Mi witness her twin brother, Im Sang Jin commit suicide in front of her after  being bullied even at the new school. Due to that, her mother lost her sanity and believe that Sang Jin is still alive. Feeling hopeless, her father then realized that everything that happen because it was meant to happen. He then bring his family to Guseonwon, a religious place that he believed could bring happiness to his family again. Sang Mi however did not happy at the place and she knew that the spiritual father and the two apostles were up to no good. Sang Mi tried to escape but still caught by them. One day, the van that caught her was involved in a minor accident with two motorcycles. The one who rode the motorcycles were her classmate back in school. The same classmate who she asked for help when she knew that her brother is being bullied. She once again asked for  his help. Han Sang Hwan, who used to refused to help Sang Mi determined to help her escape from Guseonwon, to redeem himself for what happened back then on the rooftop.

This drama is based on a webcomic 'Sesang Bakeuro' by Jo Geum San published in 2011


The beginning of this drama was so confusing. It have a reeeally slow build but I guess it is necessary to put in the foundation of where it will go wrong. At this point, the religious body seems quite genuine to me. It feels like there is nothing wrong with them. The 'Spiritual father' was portrayed as someone who is really nice and cared for each of the believer. However, his appearance really freaked me out. With the white suits, hair, even the eyebrows and that white-paint to give somewhat 'pure' face makes me feels uncomfortable every time he is on the screen.

Once the timeline skip to three years after Sang Jin's death, the pace picked up. The start after the three years were pure agony for Sang Mi. Nobody in Guseonwon could help her. She was trapped and whatever she complained and talk about was all considered as being 'possessed by the evil'. Honestly, her frustration is my frustration. I felt so suffocated whenever her cry was shut again and again. And the only friend she had, Jeong Gu, was killed right in front of her. Another episode of tears. 

Even when she finally meet with Sang Hwan and his crew, getting her out from that 'sacred' place is not easy. Especially when the police, the media, the governor is on their side. Another reason that Sang Mi could not escape and be gone with is her mother. With her unstable mind added with the psychotic drug they gave, it was a fight for Sang Mi.

Every attempt that Sang Hwan, Dong Cheol, Jung Hoon and Man Hee make make my heart races. It was a go big or go home situation (not the best description I came with, sorry). And, the moment they successfully sneaked Dong Cheol inside of Guseonwon, is the moment with nerves. He can easily caught by Apostle Jo and Apostle Kang. Those people are really scary. 

As the plot goes on, the true face of the spiritual father is revealed. It really scary how easily he can convinced other to believe in his religion. And the fact that he said that his word is the word of the Almighty is messed up. Bad. I actually wondered what his real intention is. In the end, it was all his sick mind. And that he only wanted to have a young, pale face woman to be his wife in the name of the Almighty? That is another level of messed up. Sick man. Glad he died in the fire.

The storyline itself is very gripping and quite thrilling. But with the side characters and sub-plot, it actually ease the tension a little bit. I actually believe that there is no main male lead in this drama. Even though Sang Hwan seems like the main lead especially when he confessed to his mother that he likes Sang Mi but so is Dong Cheol. There is an undeniable chemistry between Dong Cheol and Sang Mi. 

The ending is really satisfying. Those who is bad is punished in the name of law and Sang Mi finally can take the a proud step to get out of Guseonwon, with her now sane mother. However, I feels sorry for Sang Mi's father who still put his trust in the Spiritual Father and believed that he will resurrected. Also to all those elder believers. It was just so sad to see them to be used, manipulated in a way. I am not sure how season 2 will play out. Till then, stay tuned!

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  1. mcm best! boleh tonton nnt..16 episod ok la..

    1. 16 episode kira standard la nak layan..

  2. Macam menarik tapi episod.. jadi malas nak tengok. >.<

  3. eiii sakitnya hati baca pasal ayah dia tu! Dekat korea pun banyak kan cult macam ni

  4. tak tahu kenapa takut nak tengok drama macam ni..haha

    1. samalahh, i usually avoid cerita yg macm ni... ni pun entah kenapa pi tengok, not badlahh

  5. Tengokkkkk tapi tak habis hahaha. Not bad tapi tak tahu kenapa tak habis tengok >.<

  6. Tak sanggup nak tengok sebab melibatkan emosi.. huhuhu