Wednesday, 8 June 2022

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Handmade Love

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Been so long since my last k-drama review, right??? So, before I'm going MIA again (final exam started in two weeks and I have tons of submission before that), here is a simple review (can u even call this a review?) of a short drama that I watched on Youtube. 

Title: Handmade Love
Episodes: 8 (16-20mins per eps)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Director: Ko Jae Hong
Writer: Ko Jae Hong
Network: tvN
Cast: Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Su Ji, Park Seung Ji

Woven, a cursed god was sent down on the earth as a punishment. In order to get back to the heaven, he need to design and create cloths that give comforts to human. With the help of his assistant, Joey, Han Sa Rang came to the tailor shop to gain get comfort after being dumped  by her 7 years boyfriend. After realizing the power of the cloth that gave her, Han Sa Rang then started to work part-time at the tailor shop.

I came across this drama by chance. It was on YouTube, I will linked it here, after my review. This drama is so simple and doesn't really have complication. Despite being a mini drama, the actors, the production, the storyline are really killing it! 

Lee Soo Hyuk as the god was really good! He really had the face and the energy and the attitude for this role, the unkind, doesn't understand what emotions is oh girl, I tell you, he really kills this role. I especially loves the relationship he had with his assistant, Joey. Sometimes so nice, sometimes so cold. Aigoo.

For Lee Su Ji and Park Seung Ji, I think this is my first time seeing them on any drama or movie (maybe I have watched their work before, considering I don't really remember people faces easily) so I have nothing to comment on their acting besides the fact that they are good. Park Seung Ji especially, he really did good being an annoying assistant. I think I loves his character the most. One that brighten up the whole mood.

I love their tailor shop! It had some aesthetic feels that I love and the color scheme is also good! Even though this web-drama is made to promote Handsome Inc., clothing, accessories and furnisher, I don't really see them much. And sure Woven's character is to help his client to find comfort in the cloths he made but I would love to see more of its process and detailing on the said cloth. Too bad it was just generic cloth on my view. And probably because it is short drama sooooo.

All in all, this drama is good for relaxing watch. Not so much on conflict but definitely had a good plot and character development! Be sure to watch it~ Link below!



  1. macam menarik jer drama ni...bolah layan kalau ada free time

    1. gogogogo! kat youtube je nak tgk, hehe