Thursday, 8 February 2018

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Thoughtless Thursday #004

Holla peeps ! So, for today's main topic is, as you can read, KINDNESS. If you're wondering why did I want to write about kindness is probably because of what happen to me, recently.

Actually, 2 days ago, I unexpectedly had a meeting at night, 9pm to be exact. I thought the meeting will be held inside the campus, so I was fine, but boy, I'm wrong. Only 30 minutes before the meeting, I found out that the meeting will be held outside the campus. The akak that was suppose to go with me asked me to look for helmet as she did not have any extra. So, being the unsocial person I am, I asked to my housemate, and my girls classmate that I wanted to borrow for helmet and asked them look one for me. Most of them answer with, "No, I don't have helmet. Sorry su". It is expected.

I am not very close with the boys in my class. But I still massage one of them, asking for the same thing. I thought that it will be over and I will get the helmet, but no. That friend also said the same thing. I was really frustrated as I have to be at the meeting place at 9, and it was just 5 minutes before 9. I still have no helmet. Then, I called for a guy member of the committee to ask for his helmet. I knew he had one. He is my last hope.

That effort was also went down the drain. He said that his helmet was worn out and it wouldn't be nice to let me use it. I was so close to tears. That akak that suppose to bring me were here already to take me. But I'm not yet ready. Then, I got an idea. Something that a Suraya wouldn't do but I had to. Because of my dorm's building near the cafe, there was cleaner lady at the cafe and most of them were resting, and they usually went home late at night. I went to one of the makcik, and asked them the same thing. I promised her that I will return the helmet before 11PM, because she will go home at 11.

Without even questioning me for further infos, she simply trusted me. Her act of kindness left me stunning. I didn't even get her name nor her phone number. She gave her helmet which I believe it was a new one as it was very shiny and trusted that I will return the helmet before 11. And so, with her helmet, I was able to attend the meeting, even thought I was a little late.

Unfortunately for the makcik, I wasn't able to be back at 11. In fact, I got back at 12.30am. She obviously had gone home. I felt very terrible that I couldn't meet her. I return the helmet to her daughter, last night. I was hoping to personally apologize to that makcik for breaking my promise and thank her, soon.

Her kindness to me inspired me to write this entry. Probably because I was hurt that most of my friends and acquaintances did not hard enough to help me and a complete stranger was able to help me without questioning. I hope that the people in this world can be as kind as this makcik. Her act of kindness had me being in a good mood. Her act of kindness had me think that I, should help people out, no matter who they are. So, people, let's be kind =)

p/s : thoughtless suppose to be a short post but, I guess this is an exception ? =P


  1. thts okay. i did enjoy the read

  2. Maybe u could buy lunch for her kindness..i learnt from a friend, make people smile even if u dont really mean it. And she were loved by many friends

    1. i could if met her again... I can't even remember what she looks like. btw, thanks for the lesson !