Holla everyone ! Ssup ?

So, I've been very busy last week because I tried to figure what kind of design that I should do for the upcoming Taekwon-do tournament's banner. Well, I just send the files to my coach, and hopefully he will approve one of them. Back to the topic, hixtape.

Happy birthday to one of the most handsome guy 've ever seen in my life. Happy birthday again Hobi❤❤❤ #SUNSHINE

Okay, I'm sorry not sorry for those who aren't a kpoppers and antis but hey, this is my post, you can leave if you like to. Okay, I guess ARMY would know what I'm going to talk about.

Two or  three days ago, on 2nd March, BigHit finally release J-hope mixtape music video, Daydream and it was soooo damn good.  He has been hinting on us that he will release his mixtape ever since bon voyage season 2 and we have waited long enough and they announced the released date I was soooo happy. Honestly, I knew nothing about his mixtape. So I was shocked when I got notification from YouTube, saying that there was a new uploaded video on ibighit channel. The funny things is, I got the notification, on my way to the dorm after my training at 12.15 am. Like seriously. I stopped walking and sat on the middle of the road ( crazy part of me ).

cr. to owner

The other tracks in the album had been released too, it I like most of them. You guys seriously have to watch the music video. Airplane is a great song too, it is my favourite after daydream. Even though I couldn't fully grasp what is the story behind the song, Daydream, but the chorus part really catch my attention.

Wishing on the sky,
Wishing on the stars,
If there's sun,
I'd want to dream
Wishing on the sky,
Wishing on the stars,
If there there's moonlight,
I wouldn't want to wake up
Based on my understanding, these lyrics told us that we should work on our dream when  the day come and when the moon starts to show, we should take a break and rest. It is really inspiring part for me.

Another part that I like is,

For once I wanna different picture in my life,
That I want to draw, a canvas dream,
Beyond that boundary line over there,
On my personal part, I think these lines have a very deep meaning. Why ? Okay, ever since I started my collage years, I have been questioning my decision a lot. And I often played with the 'what ifs'. Like, would I still be here if I choose the other way ? Was this really the best for me ? So, yeah, I can relate to this.

 With the power of ARMY, the mv managed to get 12M views in 24 hours. Okay, number are nothing but still, wow. I watch the mv only once because of the busy schedule but I'm glad with the numbers.

Interesting facts:

  • J-Hope said that in the MV, member(s) of BTS made a cameo, he told us to guess who and which scene he is in. 
  • In the live streaming (Vlive) he read the comments and came across with the word 'hixtape' and start questioning the ARMY. He looked very confused
So, everyone let's check his song and maybe looks for the mystery members !

170114 BTS J-Hope at Golden Disk Awards. Talk about the beautiful flower holding some beautiful flowers

p/s : you all should search 'hixtape meaning' on google and look at urban dictionary, it's hilarious.


  1. alright~ i am not a kpoppers but i am totally a JPOPPERS? its that even a words? lol so .... my bestfriend is an ARMY and she is crazily insane about JIN. lol
    but i have a soft heart for JUNGKOON and recently jimin got my attention..

    we are talking about J-Hope here.. sorry ><

    so this cheerful guy finally got what he wants huh!!
    its good! he is good ! even i love RM more in rapping. and can we ask JUNGKOK for love sweet song??????

    1. it is okay ! you can talk about whoever you want to ! And i'm sorry because I dont really know about JPOP.

      RM is great but I love Suga's, his rap really caught my attention, probably because of his voice.

      Jungkook had done many covers and my favourite is Peper Heart by Tori Kelly. He had done cover for We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez too ! Be sure to check it out when you got time ~

    2. nahh..its alright. .dont ever jump into jpop because they make you suffer as ni youtube channel... no official acc such an insta or twitter.... ( i am totally talking about JOHNNIES) and no outside concert... thats why i have to travel to japan every year just to see them and to get the tic is kind of troublesome ><

      i heard all of Jungkook's cover. .just hoping his own solo ballat.. or its alright with BTS just want to focusing for him a bit.. hahaa

    3. seriously ?? wow, it must be hard to see them. But youre lucky because you still had enough mpney to go to japan to see them, if you were me, then youll probably cying alone in the corner of your room.

      maybe he will make a solo album but it will not be this soon bcs currently they are focusing more on group activities than solos. it will be great if they had their own solo activity but that might affect their group activities. maybe we can look forward for the future ^^

    4. i work hard to the trip to Japan just to see them ><

      about bts,i dont think they can because they have tour every year around the world.. it will be hard and poor them

    5. well, that's true.. whatever it is, I'll just support them

  2. hi fellow army. waiting for bts comeback, because i miss all of them onstage. *insert fangirl screaming

    1. Hi back ! yeaa, they have been busy last year, being in and out of country, so we as fans need to chill a little and get ready to be attacked when they drop a new album ><

      p/s i think they just released a japanese album last weeks ? or two ? i'm not sure but we should checked it out !