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Six Years; EXO

Assalamualaikum and holla dolla honey bunny ! Guess some of ya could guess what is this entry all about. It's been 6 years since EXO debut day ! Wohooooooo, the journey with them were not easy, it is challenging. The journey with these guys were both painful and happiness.

I remembered it clearly. The first time I get to know them. It was midnight, around 11 to 12. I was joking around with my sister and she kind of annoyed me that time. Then, Wolf start playing on the TV and because of the intro of the song, both of us burst out laughing out loud ( and we're scolded by my mom who woke up because of us ). After that, I get attached with EXO. A year with colorful memories with them. From comebacks, award show, reality show, everything that happen year was great memories.

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Then, on 15 May 2014, the news of Kris lawsuit came out. At first, I didn't believe it but then, that hashtag kept on trending on Twitter for days. Then, I realised that it was real, that it is real. He is going to leave, he left. Sure I was sad, for whatever reasons he had stored, I couldn't, no, I won't blame him. It was his life after all. He need to decide for the best, for himself. It might sound selfish but if it were me, I probably would do the same.

As much as I can't blame Kris, I really respect Suho. During the time, he stood strong on behalf of the other members. I remember one of the music show that EXO won. Suho was the only one who was on the stage during result announcement. The once shared responsibility are now solely his. To bear a big burden on his shoulder alone, it is not an easy thing to do. As if one member wasn't enough, another one had decided to left.

Luhan left when I was few days away from PT3. Being a white rat for the new system, the burden is big especially when people around you are expecting the best from you. 3 days before the examination, I turned off my phone. I was away from all of the KPOP news. But I couldn't really escape because of my friend is also an EXO-L. She informed me about Luhan departure. Being the curious cat, I turn on my phone for one whole day and found out the news was true, after all.

The last member that left is Tao. His departure didn't affect me much because of his reason ( I believe that his father asked him to leave and take care of his health more).  During those time, it was dull. The colorful rainbow faded away. It was hard for me to find their videos. Fancam and everything seems to be blocked from my search engine. But, EXO is still EXO. They won what they deserved, they act, solo, sub-unit, everything.

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Choosing one and only bias in a group full with handsome and cute men is hard. I remember my co-EXO-L kept changing her bias. As for me, the first member that I could recognized, he will be my favorite. In this case, it is Kai. I don't know but I really love his smile. I learnt their names during EXO Showtime. It was when I could point who is who. Other than Kai, I love Lay. His personality is cute (although I dont know what is his real personality). I kind of shocked when I watch Lay in Idol Producer because he is really really really strict. He was like another version of Lay. 

I am excited for their comeback this year. And I heard that Lay will be participated on this comeback ! If this is true, then I will be flying. It's been a long time since we last saw Lay with other members. Waiting for OT9 comeback is sure thrilling !

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One good news for Malaysian EXO-L, EXO will be coming to Malaysia soon for their concert, EXO Planet 4 - ElyXiOn ! There was no specific date yet (maybe around July ? After Eid Mubarak ?) and I'm not very sure it is confirm or not, but don't stop hoping and start saving !!

An EXO-L bucket list :
  • reunion of 12 members
  • OT9 comeback
  • for EXO to get enough rest

p/s : I left you guys with their MV and my favorite performance of them ><


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