Tuesday 10 July 2018

Love Me If You Dare

July 10, 2018 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hi ! So, this is the first time ever I watched a chinese drama. I found out about this drama on one of the entry of a blogger that I followed ( I'm so sorry that I don't remember your blog T_T ). Because of the interesting desciption of that one blog, I decided to watch the drama myself.

Let's start !

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Title : Love Me, If You Dare / He Has Arrived / Ta Lai Le / Qing Bi Yan
Country : China
Network : Dragon TV
Genre : Suspense, Psychological, Crime, Romance
Episodes : 24
Cast :

1. Huo Wallace / Xiao Hua
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2. Ma Sandra / Ma Si Chun 

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
3. Yin Andrew / Yin Zhang

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
4. Wang Kai / Nick

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner

Plot :

Bo Jin Yan is an analyse and advisor of police violent's unit department. Before he moved to China, he was dealing the world's most violent criminal called The Flower Cannibal. After he managed to put him behind the bar, he moved to China to get a little rest. Jian Yao is a college student who were on semester break. She worked as a translator for Jin Yan during her break and found herself attached to him. She began to work as his assistant after finishing her study.

First of all, this drama are really contrast to the title ( I'm not very sure what the chinese title meant but I'm pretty sure that the  english title are literal meaning of the chinese one ). I was actually attracted to the title and when I read the synopsis of the drama, I immediately had a feel that I'm going to like the drama. I'm not regretting anything.

The cases that were discussed along the drama were very crazy. They were so violent, so unimaginable that I had goosebumps every time Jin Yan managed to think what was on the mind of the criminal. I wouldn't say that the entire story were intense and crazy because there was a good funny scene. Especially when there was both  Fu Zi Yu  and Bo Jin Yan in it.

On the early stage of the drama, I really love Fu Zi Yu's character ( I love him through out the story duh ). Because, one, he is a technology geek which I really wanted to be one but nah. Second, he had this funny side. And three, he is damn loyal to Jin Yan. He even made a car for Jin Yan called Andy. Just like Zi Yu, Andy the car shared the same trait as him, except for a technology geek. The car is obviously a technology itself. Unfortunately, Andy's appearance on the drama was lessen towards the middle of the story.

Fu Zi Yu oftenly teased Jin Yan for liking Jian Yao but Jin Yan wasn't aware of his teasing until one day. He asked Zi Yu to meet and have lunch with him. He then straight-forwardly said to Zi Yu that he love Jian Yao. The funny thing was, his face held no emotion. He was so serious that Zi Yu didn't know whether he was serious or not. 

The ending of the drama was really cliche where everyone in the story had a happy ending and none of them were heart-broken or dead. There was this one scene where Li Xun Ran, Jian Yao closest friend and also a police man, 'died' in an explosion of a factory while trying to save a man. I legit crying at that moment but nah, I was just wasting my tears because Li Xun Ran was actually were captured by the psycho who thought he was better than Jin Yan. A small little note, Xun Ran was the toughest one because he overcome death like three times. 

One thing that I wanted to stress is, the twist of this drama are insane. I couldn't even imagine that the production actually revealed the face of the psycho like 8-9 episodes before the final episode. And when that psycho actually died and I thought that everything going to be okay, well, I thought wrong. The real psycho wasn't him. This drama manage to give me a little headache, trying to connect all the dots and everything. The most shocking twist was when the little psycho reveal to the world that Bo Jin Yan had a split personality with an evidence of him talking like a psycho when he was captured by the Flower Cannibal. Jin Yan was targeted by the FBI and police, he wasn't able to move freely. He asked for help from ZiYu and his friend in FBI to save Jian Yao.

He also acted like he had the split personality to save his love. When they came face to face with the real psycho, it was really unexpected because the psycho was someone who were close to him. Despite the cliche ending, the story line were insane. To those who loves this type of drama, I really recommend this one. You wouldn't regret watching !

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Friday 6 July 2018

Midnight Runner

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Assalamualaikum and holla people ! Aku kembali lagi dengan review k-movie ! Aku tengok movie ni sebab tajuk dia agak catchy and genre movie ni pun action-comedy which really suit my taste. Now lets get to the real deal.

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Country : Korea
Release Year : 2017
Distributor : Lotte Entertainment
Genre : Action-comedy / Crime
Starring : Park Seo Jun, Kang Ha Neul
Plot :

Ki Joon dengan Hee Yeol, 2 watak utama movie ni merupakan antara new student yang enroll dekat Korean National Police University. Dua insan yang mempunyai background dan perwatakan berbeza berusaha untuk jadi polis yang bagus upon graduation. At first, both of them dislike each other with passion, tapi sebab satu ujian yang diorang kena hadapi masa orientation (sort of) buatkan dua musuh ni jadi kawan baik. One day, diorang keluar outing untuk cari awek baru girlfriend tapi secara tak sengaja, diorang jadi saksi kes penculikan. As a police cadet, diorang decide untuk laporkan dekat pihak polis tapi diorang taknak kena buang daripada academy, diorang gunakan apa yang diorang belajar untuk selamatkan the girl.

To be honest, most of the background of cerita ni, gelap so susah sikit untuk tengok what really happened. So, the upcoming screenshots might be susah untuk dilihat (lol).


Aku suka tengok gandingan Park Seo Jun dengan Kang Ha Neul walaupun mula-mula nampak awkward.  As I mention earlier, both of them had a completely different background. As for Ki Joon, dia bukan seorang student yang pandai and bukan daripada family yang senang and join the academy because he to work (don't really remember hehe). Hee Yeol pulak is a smart ass, comes from an average family, dan ex-student sekolah science. Dia joined academy sebab dia kata kawan-kawan dia yang further medical school are too mainstream. So, dia nak try something new or some sort.

medusa ; trainer masa dorang dalam tempoh orientasi

Ki Joon try angkat Hee Yeol 

5 hours after

Masa dalam tempoh orientation,  diorang sangat benci each other because of an unknown factor tapi the last challenge change their relationship completely. Semua trainee kena daki bukit on a fixed distance dalam masa 1 hour. Masa Hee Yeol tengah dalam bukit tu, dia jatuh and kaki seliuh. Dia mintak tolong dekat every trainee yang lalu tapi semua ignore dia sebab takut lambat sampai dekat finishing point except for Ki Joon. Dia nak ignore tapi sebab dia baik sangat dia tolong jugakla. They ended up dekat finishing point 5 hours later than the fixed time. Instead of kena marah dengan trainer, diorang berjaya buatkan trainee yang lain kena daki bukit tu balik while they rest at the infirmary. Then jadilah two inseparable friends.

dah kawan dah
Part kelakar yang paling aku ingat is masa dorang nak outing untuk cari awek. Disebabkan both of them takde the so called 'nice clothing' untuk dapatkan awek, dorang pergi bilik cadet yang selalu kalah dengan Ki Joon masa training Taekwon-Do. Dahla masuk bilik mamat tu takde salam lepastu terus selongkar almari. Ki Joon was like, 'Hee Yeol, choose anything that you want'. Mamat tu serious blur tak boleh nak buat apa sebab Ki Joon kata dia nak bagi mamat tu menang masa training akan datang. Bila dah dapat baju, boleh pulak sembur Febreeze as perfume. 

at least wangi lah walaupun febreeze =']]

Sepanjang malam dorang dok usha awek tapi sorang pun tak dapat. Then, bila dorang keluar dari keluar club, ada sorang perempuan tengah jalan sensorang then dorang was like, 'Let's try one last time'. Masa dorang follow perempuan tu and bickering who is better, perempuan tu kena culik. Dorang pun try la untuk selamatkan perempuan tu dalam masa satu malam. Dorang punya progress tu lancar.

Dalam proses dorang nak selamatkan perempuan tu, dorang berjaya track who is the abductor. Sayangnya dorang pun kena culik. Kena gantung dekat kedai butcher macam lembu. Masa tu both of them pengsan tapi si Hee Yeol tersedar dulu. Cara dia nak sedarkan Ki Joon buat aku gelak and geli at the same time. Why ? Hee Yeol try kejut Ki Joon dengan panggil dia tapi Ki Joon tak sedar, so last resort is, Hee Yeol ludah dekat Ki Joon. Geli dooo. Aku tak tau la apa perasaan Seo Jun masa kena ludah tu. Euuuww.


tak sedar lagi ni

Lepas dorang dapat lepaskan diri, dorang terpaksa lari ke balai polis sebab orang-orang jahat tu kejar dorang. Polis tak percaya dorang ni student dekat police academy so dorang terpaksa call professor dorang. Bila dah cerita dekat prof dorang apa yang jadi, prof tu suruh dorang stay away dengan kes tu and biar dia yang settlekan.

Balik academy je, Ki Joon dengan Hee Yeol ni terus training gila-gila sebab diorang nak selamatkan semua mangsa culik. Dorang pinjam barang-barang academy untuk hadapi musuh. Dorang dapat maklumat yang mangsa culik tu akan dibagi dadah yang boleh hasilkan telur (ovum) yang banyak sebulan(quick note: a woman could only release an ovum per month).  Then, telur yang banyak tu akan diselewengkan. For an infertile married woman, salah satu cara untuk diorang dapatkan anak is using another woman ovum. The twist is, married couple ni tak tahu pun yang ovum yang diorang terima tu illegal sebab pihak klinik claim yang ada orang sanggup dermakan ovum.

Honestly, this is the biggest impact on me masa aku tengok cerita ni. Actually, I've never imagine that this kind of crime actually wujud. Movie dah berjaya bukak mata aku untuk tengok yang sebenarnya banyak lagi crime yang kita tak aware pun jadi dekat keliling kita. I don't know about Malaysia, tapi aku pasti some part of this world ada jadi benda ni.

Bila Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon ni berjaya selamatkan perempuan-perempuan yang kena culik tu, dorang once again terpaksa call profesor dorang. Once pihak atasan academy dapat tahu pasal Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon ni, dorang discuss samada nak buang dorang dari academy ataupun tak. Akhirnya, dorang decide untuk kekalkan Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon dekat academy but they have to do volunteer works. Masa dorang tengah bersihkan kawasan akademi, perempuan yang dorang selamatkan tu datang nak cakap terima kasih. Masa tu both of them try to impress dia.

Movie ni cerita pasal crime tak heavy mana pun sebab masa critical pun dua orang watak utama ni berjaya throw jokes. That's why tak rasa suspense mana pun. Lakonan Park Seo Joon best sebab watak yang dia bawak ni memang macam watak yang selalu dia pegang. As for Kang Ha Neul, aku tak banyak tengok cerita yang dia berlakon tapi some of cerita yang aku tengok, watak dia selalunya serious. So, bila dia kena watak macam ni, aku take time sikit nak sesuaikan diri dengan watak dia.

Overall, movie ni taklah gempak mana tapi still buat aku rasa nak tengok lagi. You guys can watch this movie on myasiantv.com.