Thursday 6 September 2018

Thoughtless Thursday #010

September 06, 2018 6 Comments
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Aloha people ! I'm feeling a bit sad this week because the next semester will start very very soon. I haven't start packing, yet and I don't think I will start soon. Looks like my so-called break mission are not successful, again. Old habit die hard. sigh

I wanted to finish my diploma as soon as possible, but the reality after diploma life, still manage to get me a massive headache. One question that I receive lately is,

"Degree or work ?"

Honestly, me myself, had no idea. Every time my friends, family asked me, I can't answer them. I really envy people who had planned out their life. What I;m gonna do ? I hope things would work out for me too. D-5 to next semester, chaiyok !

exactly me zzZzZ
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner


Tuesday 4 September 2018

Wok Of Love

September 04, 2018 6 Comments
Greetings to you. I came with another review of k-dramas entitled 'Wok Of Love'. The sole reason I watch this drama is because of the actor, Jang Hyuk and JunHo of 2PM.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Wok of Love / Greasy Mello / Gireumjin Mello /기름진 멜로
Episodes : 38 [ 30mins per episode ]
Network : SBS
Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy
Cast : Jang Hyuk, Jun Ho, Jung Ryeo Won
Plot :

Seo Poong is a talented chef who works for Giant Hotel for almost 10 years. He had a fiancee and get married to her. After a month of their marriage, he found out that his wife had been cheating on him with the CEO of Giant Hotel. Poong, who was supposed to get the promotion as the Head Chef was moved to another branch. He felt cheated and decide to leave the hotel and took revenge on the hotel. He then opened a restaurant across the hotel. The restaurant was originally run by Do Chil Seung, a loan shark and his subordinate. They had to close the restaurant due to the lack of customer.

Dan Sae Woo, who came from a rich family, is a young woman who was engaged. When her wedding day came, her father was arrested and her wedding was cancelled. Her husband ran away as soon as he heard the news. Thanks for Do Chil Seung, who fell in love with her at first sight, she began working at the restaurant that was run by Poong.


Before I start my review, I feels that I really need to tell you that this drama will make your mouth water or worse, you might want to grab a quick meal almost every episode that you watch. Even thought some of the dishes were made with pork, which is haram for muslim, but I can't help  but feels hungry ><

Back to my review, I personally thought this drama will be another boring drama, but it is actually very interesting. The funny scenes, the intense scenes, the romance, I think it was all balanced. The chemistry between the actors are really great and I really really really love Do Chil Seung. He was hopelessly in love with Sae Woo even thought he knew that she is a married woman. Even when she had divorced and rejected him countless times, he still couldn't get over her.  Another thing about him, he is the nicest loan shark. He even gave a big amount of money to help Sae Woo get a 'surgery'. He also help Poong to get his revenge.

As for Seo Poong, when he found out about his wife unfaithfulness, he was in despair and was actually hope that she would came back to him. He finally realized that she didn't love him when he found out that she was once pregnant with his child. Even thought it was quite sad when he found out about the baby, the scene was funny when he confront his ex-wife and the CEO. The once unremovable knife, was removed. You should watch this scene. Honestly, Poong is my ideal type of man. The main reason is because he is a chef. Hehe, I can't cook *peace. And as I describe, he is really faithful to his love and ready to fight for it.

Dan Sae Woo, I really like her character. When her life began to fall down, she wore a fencing mask and brought her pet around the city. It was funny because her pet, I am not going to mention what pet she had, you gotta find it out yourself. She successfully portray a rich girl who was not used to be at kitchen. With her unique character, I didn't know exactly how to describe. What shocked me the most is, the was a scene where she was drunk and went inside a carrier, like, how could she fit in there. To add to the extra, Do Chil Seung push the carrier with her inside, I laughed really hard.

I personally liked how the side characters in this drama are not over-shadowed by the main characters ( not everyone shone but they are still recognizable ). First, the people around Dan Sae Woo. The first one is her nanny or housekeeper or ahjumma and co-worker, Chae Seol Ja. She had been working at Sae Woo's house for almost 20 years and when Dan Seung Ki ( Sae Woo's father ) was arrested, she decided to stay and help the family. She also had a history with Master Wang, the main chef of Finishing Touch ( Giant Hotel's Chinese restaurant ). When she finally reuniting with Master Wang, she was tempted to work together with him because he could gave her a bigger salary than Poong could. It was a very dramatic scene in the morning. As the two building was situated across each other, Chae Seol Ja was in the middle of the road from Hungry Wok to go for Finishing Touch. Suddenly, Poong appeared and called for her, at the same time, Master Wang appear from another side. I could say that I was nervous and laughing at the same time. In the end, Poong had to carried her on his shoulder and brought her back to Hungry Wok.

The second side character that shone was Oh Maeng Dal. He is Do Chil Seung right-man. He always had Chil Seung's back and support him. He is also the new love interest for Chae Seol Ja. He fall in love with her at the first sight, I guess ? He was very impressed when Seol Ja showed off her skills to get the work at Hungry Wok.  When he around her, he became somewhat a dummy.

Then, there was Kwang Dong Sik, a member of Do Chil Seung's gang. He is married and  just like Poong, his wife cheated on him with a worker in Finishing Touch, a close friend of Poong when he was part of Finishing Touch. When he found out the truth, he immediately attacked him. Dong Sik was the only member in the gang that was recognized by Poong with his skills. Extra point, he is very handsome, another eye-candy ^^

And the last one, Sae Woo's mother. She portrayed an image of a woman who grown up with silverspoon in her mouth. So, when her family went bankrupt, she was devastated, when she started working as a dishwasher in kitchen, she was scolded a lot by Poong. When Poong knew that she is Sae Woo's mother, he tried to win her back. There was a scene where he was drunk and went to Sae Woo's house and make a scene. She stood strong against their relationship even thought Poong started working in their house's kitchen. She used that to get back at him.

This drama is really worth watching. With unusual pet, to a usual pet, cat, to the funny scene, nerve-wrecking scene, it was all worth the time. Just, don't watch the drama with an empty stomach, or late at night, it will make you crave for things.