Monday 28 January 2019

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My ID Gangnam Beauty

Good morning ~~ Assalamualaikum ! Okay this drama is kind of popular as many of my friends recommended this drama to me. And I also had encounter several clips of the drama here and there on socmeds. So, here it is.

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Title : My ID is Gangnam Beauty / ID : Gangnam Beauty / Nae Aidineun Gangnamiin / 내 아이디는 강남니인
Episodes : 16 Episodes
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Network : KBS2
Plot :

Due an ugly appearance, Kang Mi Rae was bullied during her schools year. She became timid and started to giving score to people faces. To avoid another bullying in her collage years, Kang Mi Rae decided to do a full course plastic surgery. She became a hot topic in her department as she has a beautiful faces. Even so, she still had the timid personality. When her secret was out openly, people began to talk behind her and calling her Gangnam beauty. Do Kyung Seok used to attend the same middle school as Mi Rae. He however did not judge a person by appearance and thinks that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. He then started to like Kang Mi Rae.

One little fun facts, Cha Eun Woo is a member from a boy group, ASTRO. He is known as a face genius due to his handsome face and appearance.


One thing that make me annoyed from the beginning of the drama until the end is, the 'old' Mi Rae. We never knew who she is. Well, but I do understand that the production crew wanted to protect her image. Butttt, if you googled, there are few articles revealing the actor of young Mi Rae, soooo. 

This drama touch about what people talk nowadays. It is always about appearance. Nowadays, if you wanted to be someone to remember, you need to be beautiful. It is a tragic facts that we had to face. To the people who had a rough childhood, especially due to her or his appearance, it will leave scars to them. They might take it either positively or negatively. Without knowing, the bullying might end someone life. Kang Mi Rae is born with ugly face, thus, her classmates laugh at her, bully and saying bad things to her. When she grew up, she changed her appearance, but she didn't felt the confidence. Another character, Yoon So Ah, a girl with natural beauty, grew up as an ugly, dirty child. When her mother dress her up, her classmates began to like her. She grew older and thinks that to gain people to like her, she must be pretty and must play innocent. Due to that, she became a monster who did not like when there's a person that are more likable than her.

There was one thing that did not match Kang Mi Rae personality. Her way to dress up. This is strictly my personal opinion. As a person who was judged by her appearance and her timid personality, she would not dare to reveal much skin. But instead of that, Kang Mi Rae usually dress more revealing. And when she was assigned as a server at their department stall, the skirt given to her is on almost the same length as her usual short. So, I did not get it when she wanted to refused using the skirt, like whaaaat.

Do Kyung Seok. Honestly speaking, Cha Eun Woo is a bit stiff, maybe he is still new to acting. But, he did a good job on portraying a cold handsome prince character. But, he seems can't get comfortable when acting sweet. I don't know but it was awkward watching him trying to sweet talk to Mi Rae.

Overall, this is a good drama, very light and not much of headache.  There are also scenes that could make you laugh out loud. This is a well-balanced drama with a little bit of every elements. Well, I might have been frustrated because of too much couples to ship on the drama because every one of them is cute. This drama used a large scale of supporting actors and yeah, I had a hard time figuring who is who. It took me to third or forth episode to figure out.

So, I would leave with a quote,

It's not like some people do not deserve to be loved or are not allowed to be attracted to someone. There are no such rules. And no one has the right to laugh at you. Also when you are attracted to someone, you cant control your feelings - Senior Woo Young



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  1. Nak tengok drama ni sebab hero comel gila. Haha. tapi banyak lagi drama Korea yang nak ditengok, makanya drama ni pending dulu :)