Thursday 24 January 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #013

Assalamualaikum ! Hey, so, I have started my new and final semester of diploma for one week, so far, it is okay as there was a lottttt of cancelled classes.

my mood for the whole week
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So, the results for last semester was supposed to be out tomorrow but I don' know what happen because it is out today. And, I had checked my result. To be honest, I am shocked that I managed to score this high. Even thought my targeted GPA is not achieved but my targeted CGPA is achieved, thus, I am happy. Very happy that I could dance.

I am this shocked
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I'm a happy birdie ~
(not mine; credited to the rightful owner)
Now, I only have to struggle for one semester to get a very good result so that I could further my study somewhere else. I had my eyes on a university in south Malaysia that offers the course that I wanted. I really really hope that my plan will go accordingly. Insya-Allah.

p/s: sorry for all bts gif, but, theyre part of my life
pps : yoongs looks soooo cute when he acted this way


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