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The Witness

Assalamualaikum ~ Did anyone have a good day ? For today movie review, I will be doing a movie from China. I found this movie on my YouTube recommendation so I give it a shot.

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Title : The Witness / I Am The Witness
Runtime : 112 minutes
Genre : Drama / Investigation / Crime
Country : China
Released year : 2015
Distributor : Beijing Enlight Pictures
Cast : Yang Mi, Lu Han
Plot :

Lu Xiao Xing was involved in an accident that caused her to lost her sight and her brother. She was a rookie cop at that time. Three years later, she tried to persuade her senior to let her work as a police officer again. Due to her mistake on the day of her accident, she was unable to return as a police officer. Xiao Xing then called for a taxi that night. Without her knowing, the taxi that she get into was not a taxi. The taxi then hit a girl but the taxi driver denied, saying that it was a dog. Little did she knows, Xiao Xing became a witness to a hit and run case that was also connected to the missing girls in the town.

I assure you, this is one hella good movie, so I think I did one hella good review. Enjoyed =)) Oh, one more thing, this movie is a remake of 2011 South Korea movie, Blind.


First and foremost, even though this is a crime-related movie, the screenplay aren't always dark and thrilling. It has a good balance for bright and dark scenes. Aspects of suspense, romantic, and comedy all included with the right flavor. One more thing, the movie doesn't hold some very twisted fate of the characters, so there's not much of headache.

Second of all, every actor plays a good part portraying their characters. For example, Lu Xiao Xing character used to be a police officer, even for a short amount of time. So, when she was involved in the incident, she knows what she was dealing with. The most impressive things is the was she acted as a blind woman. If I don't know better, I might think that she is blind. The saddest scene is when her dog protected her from the kidnapper. The dog died.  Lin Chong is acted by Lu Han. He is a reckless teenager who is also a witness of the incident. Lu Han's acting never disappoint, he able to give his best to be a teenager who never thinks other than himself. Despite that, he helped Xiao Xing escape from the kidnapper.

Next, the kidnapping case. I was really curious about the motive of the kidnapper. The girls was kidnapped and there was no sign of murder or any sign that could lead to their existence. There is one shocking things about this kidnapping case. It might cause by the guilt or anger of the kidnapper, I believed. This is sure one interesting part of the movie.

And lastly, I would loveeeee to talk about the OST of this movie. Honestly, I never really get attached to OST of a movie, if it's drama, I might. As the kidnapper use lyrics from a song to conceal his identity, so the song constantly played throughout the movie. It is called 'Fireflies' and sung by Lu Han. Even it is a short song, it is still good and pleasant. So, I will left the YouTube video below for you to enjoy.

I have not watch the parent movie of this movie (Blind), but I am pretty sure that it has a similar plot. So, if you prefer to watch a Korean movie, might as well watch Blind

9./10 for this movie =D

this is the my favorite quote <3

p/s : the last semester of my diploma is here ㅠ_ㅠ

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