Thursday 17 January 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #012

Assalamualaikum, holla ! I think I have begun this 'Thoughtless Thursday' segment ever since second of 2018 and it has been half of January of 2019. My first intention by doing this segment is to make sure that I will had at least one post per week. But seeing that the number for this post is only at 012, I think, I failed, ha ha. Nevertheless, I will still continue this.

So, the 10 days break is coming to the ending. And I only had 2 days more or less to enjoy. Last week, I had mentioned what I wanted to do during my so called holidays, so today I will update what exactly happened for the past days.

In my first plan, I wanted to finish my pile up k-dramas. What a joke, I only got to finish one drama and a few movies and there is more than five dramas waiting *facepalm. I guess, I am not the person that could sit still all day long in front laptop and watch drama, I get bored. On the bright side, I had managed to immediately did the review of the drama and movies that I had finished and they are on que to get posted, stay tuned!

Second, renovating blog. This. Is. Not. Happening. Yet. Not in the near time, maybe soon. Like soooooooon. I need time to carefully dealing with the codes and all, so yeah, the mood are not right to deal with those.

Third, exercising. Honestly, I really really really wanted to go jogging every morning. But, Allah has better plan for me as every morning since the holiday, it will start raining. Thus, I didn't exercise. I guess I only went out of the house three times since the break start. Well, I'm a homebody and I'm broke. End of discussion.

meme's not mine;credited to the rightful owner. ( Yoongi being so relateable )

Lastly, read novel. I had finished three novel. One, my favorite novel written by Hana Ilhami. And the other two is Teme novel, 'Arkitek Jalanan' and 'Impian Jalanan'. I only heard from friends that Teme books is a must read books for bookworm, but yeah I never had the opportunity. So, I am really grateful when I win the giveaway. Now, I almost finished with 'Hikayat Putera Tanpa Nama'. Once I finished that book, I will do review on it. As for 'Arkitek Jalanan' and 'Impian Jalanan', I might not do the review. If I do, I might will combined it together, as one set of post.

For the last two days, I will continue with drama, finishing the novel, scheduled some movies/drama reviews. One more thing, I started to write fiction on a website nowadays. It is a fanfiction tho. But yeah, I am trying to get productive.

So, these will sum up my holidays week. Chao.



  1. So good activity :) read novel and watch the drama is a simple way to be happy. I can't imagine how hard you meet the code XD

    Anyway thankyou for visiting.. idk we was be friend at blog or no. But im not found you on my list. Sorry to say this on here. I need cbox but nothing hehe. Can you follback me? let's be friend :)

    1. It's the only things I can do in this house. Don't worry, I have follow your blog =)