Tuesday, 26 March 2019

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The Vanished

Assalamualaikum ! I just finished midterm break and the following week after midterm are expected to be super stressful with all of the assignments, presentations, tests, programs and last, final. I just need a time to relax so, I wrote this review of a movie that I watch during the break. I hope you can enjoy ! 

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Title : The Vanished / Vanished Night / Sarajin Bam /
Runtime : 101 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Kidari Ent
Plot :

The corpse of Yoon Seol Hee disappear in National Institute of Scientific Investigation the night of her death. Her husband, Park Jin Han claims that she still alive meanwhile detective Woo Jung Sik believe otherwise. 

This movie was not labelled as horror but I felt that it is a horror movie.  I honestly had never heard of this movie until my friends introduced it to me few days ago.


I am starting this review with the plot. In the beginning, it is mentioned that Yoon Seol Hee was killed by her own husband, Park Jin Han by using a special drug.  She was killed because she found out about her husband love affair. So, when her body disappear, Park Jin Han was very scared that she would be alive and took revenge on him. With the constant strange things that appear in front of him that only him and Seol Hee knows make him believe his instinct even more. With this, I almost made myself to believe that Seol Hee is alive.

But, here is the real deal. Soel Hee is really had died. So, who would do such things to scare Jin Han off ? The characters are only circulated on Seol Hee, Jin Han, detective Woo and Jin Han's lover, Hye Jin. As a normal person, I would think that Hye Jin is the one behind all of the scheme as she knows Jin Han drug and all. But, I couldn't figure out her motive.

The last 30-15 minutes, the real person behind all of the scheme was finally revealed. And as I expected, Hye Jin is one of them. Yeah, there is an accomplice. They did the crime for a solid reason and it was a perfect crime. At the ending, Park Jin Han was arrested for murdering Seol Hee and also for stealing her body - even though the latter part was not the case. I honestly had never expect that the person is the one who stole Seol Hee body.  The plot twist is the real deal. Totally unexpected.

Second thing, for the cast, I did not recognized any of them. But, it wasn't a problem as they could brought the characters and portray them perfectly. And, it is lovely to watch another person act. They are what I would considered as a veteran actor. This movie is a really great movie, with excellent screenplay and everything and definitely a must watch for all movie lover !


p/s : please pray for my ease while completing my diploma
p/p/s : I only had to endure for another 2 months, more or less

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  1. cerita ini memang best.. Mulanya ingatkan dia punya kekasih gelap yang punya angkara tapi bila dah hujung memang tak sangkalah..