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Bad Guys

Assalamualaikum, holla my love ! So, I am feeling a bit better this week as two of my assignments were submitted and left me with another two, plus three more presentations. Oh, and tests. So, I don't plan to worry about those things yet. So, here I am writing another review. Please enjoy !

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Title : Bad Guys / Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul / 나쁜녀석들
Episodes : 11
Genre : Action
Network : OCN
Plot :

To combat the rising violent crime, Commissioner Nam asks Detective Oh Gu Tak who currently in suspension to solve the case. Oh Gu Tak then form a team consisting three criminal who currently serving in the prison ; Park Ung Chul, a gangster, Lee Jung Moon killer with incredible intelligence, and Jung Tae Soo, a contract killer. Detective Oh Gu Tak was also helped by Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young. In return for their service, they could reduced their time serving in the prison.

This is a drama from 2014 which I only found about, earlier this year.


First of all, this drama is a very incredible work of art. Seriously. How can the writer came up with a very interesting plot ? Even though I can guess some occasion, like, why the detective select that specific three person and who is the one who killed his daughter. But !  There's something darker than that. The real killer wasn't any of them. He got the wrong person.

This kind of story will typically relate the case they solved from one episode to another. It is not the case for this drama. What I mean is, the cases that they solved are single case. The only cases that related to the serial killer of Detective Oh Gu Tak's daughter is when the Commissioner Nam was killed. It was really sad and the killer was totally unexpected

Even though the three criminals were working together, when they came to a conflict, they had their doubt in each other an always on each other throats. Even so, when they in a big battle, they would always had each other back. How sweet. One time near the ending, there's a big conflict between the criminals and detective. I honestly thought that they will kill each other but they ended up giving another chance for the person to prove them wrong. 

Condemned the crime, not the people - Jung Tae Soo

I was very annoyed when Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young changed her side. She is someone who is motivated with promotion and ranking. That was a bad move of her as she exposed her own team to the killer. And the saddest thing is, she betrayed her own mentor who had led her since the beginning.

The casts were all a nice catch. Kim Sang Jong is very versatile actor. He had been working on many movies and dramas with various character. He did very well for his character in this drama (but I really hate his hairstyle in this drama, seriously.). Ma Dong Seok act as what his typical character. A gangster, or someone who really had a really great fighting skills. And of course he could smash the character really well. 

To beat up good people, that is violence. To beat up bad people that is justice - Commissioner Nam

Then, we have Park Hae Jin. He is also one of top actor in my list. With various character that he could acts, being a psychopath killer who remembered nothing of his killing experience is like a piece of cake. In most of his dramas that I had watch, he is not very expressive. His face remains stoned. And the last one, Jo Dong Hyuk. I am not sure if I had watch any of his work, so I consider that this is my first time watching his work. I think the character of being a contract killer suits him well. A heartless killer who kills when he was told so. But, when he was saved by a woman, he falls for her. and protect her at all costs even when he is serving in the prison. It is a romantic side of him even when the woman didn't remember her when they met again.

It is sad that the episodes are not as much as the other dramas. But, it is okay as they had a season 2 which was released in 2017 ! I am going to watch that and do the review. But from what I know, the cast was totally different from the first season. So, I might not expect much. And lastly, through my research, I found out that they will be releasing Bad Guys : The Movie this year! It is confirmed that Kim Sang Jong and Ma Dong Seok will be in the movie ! Wo hoooo !

So, everyone, get ready for all reviews !!! 10/10 !!!

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself by Tolstoy - Prosecutor Oh Jae Won


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