Tuesday 9 April 2019

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Mother 2009

Assalamualaikum~ So, anything happen this week ? I'm still young and broke. This month will seriously make me an unofficial begger. Like, there's so much programs going on and so much obligations that I am supposed to fulfill. So, please pray for my pocket. T_T. Anyway, here is the movie review for this week.

Title : Mother / Madeo / 마더
Runtime : 128 minutes
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Released Year : 2009
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Plot :

Hye Ja is a widowed with a 28 years old son, Do Jun who had a mental disability. He aren't able to think like people in his age. One day, Do Jun walks home drunk late at night. He follows a high school girl to an alley. The next day, a high school girl was discovered dead at an abandon house uphill. Do Jun then was taken into custody and then be a prime suspect for the murder as a golf ball with his name was discovered at the scene. Feeling helpless, Hye Ja determine to prove his son innocence.

This is an old film that I came across. Based on the review I read online, all of them are praising for this film and thus led me to watch it. No regret.


As usual, I would start my review with the plot. As this movie is run for over 2 hours, the first 30 minutes is really boring that I almost gave up watching. Almost. The next minutes grew a lot especially when the school girl was found dead and Do Jun was arrested.  It is interesting as the detective in charge to the case is someone that had connection with Hye Ja. Even so, he did not consider his relationship with her and continue his duty truthfully (even though I kind of hate him). As for the attorney representing Do Jun, he purpose that Do Jun should spent 4 years in prison using mental disability as an excuse. This triggered Hye Ja to investigate the case on her own.

Hye Ja was suspecting her son's friend, Jin Tae for the murder. But when she went to the police with a piece of evidence, it turns out that Jin Tae was innocence. She is back to zero and start all over again. I honestly didn't really enjoy the process of proving my son innocence because most of it just consist her asking around about the identity of the dead girl. But, when she came across a witness, everything went upside down for her.

I have to say that the plot twist is really great. I didn't expect that he would be the killer at all. I honestly thought that this will be another movie like 'Memories of Murder'. But it is not. The last 30 to 15 minutes, it was really intense. The other person took the blame for the murder and the real murder was let at lose. Thus, Do Jun was released from the prison.

Even thought the review and the plot is good, I still felt a bit bored while watching the movie. It was a bit slow from one scene to another. Nevertheless, it is a great movie. It shows how a mother are ready to sacrifice everything for her child. I miss my mother. =(



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