Tuesday 16 April 2019

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Extraordinary Mission

Assalamualaikum, holla peeps. How are life treating you ? I'm still surviving this hectic and final semester. I'm hoping to graduate my diploma with a wonderful experiences and of course, results. So, here is another movie review. This time, it is a China movie and I really love this movie. Let's get it !

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Title : Extraordinary Mission 
Runtime : 122 minutes
Released Year : 2017
Genre : Crime / Drama 
Country : China
Cast : Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong, Zu Feng
Plot :

Lin Kai is an underground police officer. He is assigned to take down a drug trafficking syndicate from inside. The mission brought him to the Golden Triangle, a place where heroin were grown and produced. There are also a police officer who was caught and held for 10 years. During his mission, Lin Kai found himself became a drug addict.

I found this movie while scrolling on websites, reading the reviews and finally decided to watch it. It is definitely worth it !


First of all, this is a straightforward movie. What I mean is, the real identity of Lin Kai was told in the earlier minutes of the movie. So, the elements of plot twist are not really included in this movie. This movie also involved a large scale of extra actors. But it is not a problem because their appearance is just to complete the movie. I just need to know the antagonist and protagonist, that's all.

I was actually expecting some romance. The antagonist had a daughter who was also involved in the drug making process. I honestly thought that she will fall for Lin Kai and help him took down his father business, you know, the typical. But, I was actually wrong. There are no romance. Not even a bit. Even so, the daughter did betrayed her father and kill him for her own revenge. 

For the first half of the movie, it is kind of like pull and push game. Lin Kai was constantly captured and begging to threatening and negotiating. I was nervous that his cover will blown and the mission will failed. As for the second half, it is full of actions. A very nerve-wrecking one. Especially when their captain went to Golden Triangle to fulfill the antagonist wish. The moment when Lin Kai, the policeman who was held hostage and the police captain tried to escape from the Golden Triangle. 

I was expecting all of the team would be safe and sound and the business will fall down. But, yea, we do need to sacrifice someone. So, the captain died while trying to protect his teammates. RIP. But, I was really satisfied when the antagonist died. Like, boo, you die, in the hand of a person who used to betray you. 

"The world is a big place, you can run away in any direction." - Lin Kai

For those who need some action movie, I would really recommend this one. It is not too heavy with laws whatsoever. The main actor's play are so great and thrilling to watch. Highly recommended ! 9/10 !


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