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Title : Sketch / Seukechi / 스케치
Episodes : 16
Genre : Action, Crime
Network : JTBC
Cast : Rain, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sung Joo
Plot :

Detective Kang Dong Soo was on stake out to catch criminal when he first met Yoo Shi Hyun, a female detective that can foresee the future in 3 days time. When she first explain her ability to Detective Kang, he did not believe her. Things changed when Shi Hyun drew a sketch whereby Min Ji Soo, Detective Kang's fiancee died. He was devastated when the sketch turn into reality and swore to kill her murderer with his own hand.


The first thing that I wanna talk about is the ability that Corporal Yoo possessed. It was very cool to have that kind of ability, for a broader perspective. But, to have the exactly ability that she had might be some sort of curse or punishment because I would never ever ever wanted to witness the death of people around me. It's terrifying.

The plot is very nice. It's well constructed and the best part is the endless plot twist. I think I have multiple wrong guesses of the real X. The real X got me stunned. I mean, who would thought that Corporal Yoo's brother is the antagonist ? But it makes more sense to me that her brother is the X. Well, they are from the same blood and it only make sense that they possessed the same ability. Only that Corporal Yoo's brother does not sketch when he lose conscious. Plus, her brother use his ability to cut off all of the evils. He got the nice intention but the way he deals with them are not good. To reach his goals, he had killed countless innocent soul.

I felt so sorry to Kim Do Jin, the one who killed Min Ji Soo. He is an army who serves in the special forces. The day he had his leave, he met someone on his way. When he arrived, he found out that his wife was killed. To add to his fury, he found a book written by his wife that she is pregnant with their child. He then met with Chief Jang, a man who made him believe that he had a purpose to his life. Later, he found out that he was being used by Corporal Yoo's brother.

"The important thing is not whether we can do it or not. The important thing is did we do what we need to do" - Kang Dong Soo

The ending of this drama is very realistic. Corporal Yoo found out about her brother and she successfully saved him from committing another crime. The evils that they are catching are not caught in the present, but in the future that Corporal Yoo's brother saw. Even with that, I am very content. The ending are not rushed and they ended the drama the way it should. 

This might not make it to my best of drama list but it still gave me the full satisfaction. Overall,  I would rate this drama with 7.5/10. 

P/s: that brother of Corporal Yoo is a visual. Lol


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