Thursday, 27 June 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #017

Assalamualaikum ~ How was your week ? I've been dealing with this stupid anxiety a lot more often this week. And I am getting tired with it. I had too much going on in my head that I don't know either it is just my imagination or reality. This is bad.

With the pressure from people around me, it made me wanted to stay inside my blanket at the corner of my room.  With the result that were out last week, I was depressed for a day. It didn't met my expectation for which I hoped that it was dream. Sadly, it is not.

I'm too lazy to put my trademark
taken at : 15 May 2019, 0626

And now I learned that my convocation will be held in October instead of November, I am getting more anxious. What should I do now ? I seriously couldn't sort out my priority anymore. It's getting hard. I wanted to help at home and at the same time, I wanted to work. I need to pay for the student loan and I wanted to further my study. Why is merging into adulthood is so hard ㅠ_ㅠ

Now that I am done ranting, I felt a bit lighter. But then there's a new weight that came. Pray for me.



  1. while i am here anxious about my next paper tomorrow

    1. best of luck ray ! i'm rooting for you

  2. Allahu musta'an. semoag dimudahkan semua urusan :)