Monday, 24 June 2019

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I Fine Thank You Love You

Assalamualaikum, hey ~ Suraya is back with another movie review and this time, it is a Thailand movie. I really love watching Thailand's movie, especially with rom-com, and horror comedy like 'Pee Mak' and 'Make Me Shudder'. I found someone on Twitter (Twitterians review are the best, honestly) and decided to give it a shot. 

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Title : I Fine Thank You Love You / Ai Fai Thank You Love You
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Romantic-comedy
Country : Thailand
Released date : 2014
Producer : GTH
Cast : Sunny Suwanmethanon, Preechaya Pongthananikorn
Plot :

Yim (read:Jim) was dumped by his Japanese girlfriend, Kaya. They both can't communicate with each other as Kaya does not speak Thai and Yim does not speak Japanese. Determined to win her back, Yim started studying English with Pleng who used to be Kaya's tutor and also good friend.


First off, Thailand's movie never disappoint. Second off, that Yim guy is seriously handsome. The plot are simple and very straightforward. It is very suitable with the genre. I had a good amount of laugh while watching this movie. Both of the actor definitely had a very good chemistry. 

Even though this movie had imply a quite number of dirty jokes, it is not to the extend that I got uncomfortable. I guess, the jokes are bearable. If you can understand Thai language, I think you can understand some lame jokes by Yim. I love Yim's character. He had his goals and he works really hard to achieve that goals. I really hope that I can have that attitude of him. 

As for Pleng, she is so considerate that she put others before herself. The funny thing is, she couldn't even break up with her boyfriend who obviously made her uncomfortable. If it were me, I would left that guy as soon as I got the chance to (it's might be cruel but it is better than giving them a false hope, aite). I am very glad that this movie only involve two main characters. If there is another character involved in their love story, I guess I will be hella confused.

I highly recommended this movie for those who really loves rom-com. However, many of the jokes are wordplay of Thai language so maybe some of you didn't found this funny. But for me (I have no knowledge of Thai language except for Sawadeekap), it is still funny and I enjoy the movie so much.

p/s : I heard Sunny is back with another work but I am not sure whether it had been released or not.


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  1. ada juga tertengok kat tv, astro suka sangat tayang filem sunny n.