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School 2017

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Title : School 2017 / Hakkyo 2017 / 학교 2017
Episodes : 16
Genre : School, Romance
Network : KBS2
Cast : Kim Se Jeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon
Plot :

A story of teenagers drama in school. The drama is centered on Ra Eun Ho, a low ranked girl who had passion for drawing. She was then caught with the school mysterious troublemaker, Student X. She was used to be the scapegoat for the case when the real Student X saved her from being expel. The principal then asked her to bring the real Student X into the light. Ra Eun Ho found herself suspecting two of her classmate; Hyun Tae Woon, the most feared person in the school aka the director son and Song Dae Hwi, student body president as well as the top ranking student.


Okay, first off, out of three version of schools, I only had watch the School 2013 ? I think ? The one with Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. I definitely loving that drama. Even though it was centered on those two boys, however, the other character were overshadowed by them. This drama however, the other character were shadowed by the main. Even though they had mention the problems or crisis that every other character had been facing, it was only brief and the resolution to the problems are simple and quick.

Unlike School 2013, the role of the homeroom teacher in School 2017 are not really play as important role. The only problem that the teacher solved and contributed was in looking ( or more like covering ) for the Student X. Other than that, I don't think there's any. Maybe there is, but the main point of this drama is the Student X. I guess, he just overshadowed the other things.

If School 2013 focused on the friendship and the brotherhood of the two main characters and totally no romance of two different gender, this one had the that element. Well, I guess the romance are just everywhere, like Song Dae Hwi has his own girlfriend, Eun Ho is with Tae Woon and the teachers, basically, everyone is in love. I admit that high school love are cute and less cringy so it's okay with me.

When I first watch this drama, I thought that it is kind of ridiculous. I mean, why would he played prank on the teachers and act like some hero he is ? It's funny at times. But I guess that what makes this drama different from others.

For the overall, I am satisfied with this drama even though there's no elements of suspense or action or something that in my tea, this is one of those many dramas that I love. For that 6.5/10 is what I would give.


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