Monday 29 July 2019

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Bad Genius

Assalamualaikum, heyya. So, today's review is not from South Korea which I always did. It is Thailand. I am well aware that some, maybe most or all of you had already watched this movie but still, I wanted to do the review.

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Title : Bad Genius / Chalard Games Goeng 
Runtime : 130 minutes
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Country : Thailand
Distributor : GDH 559
Released year : 2017
Cast : Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Non Chanon Santinatornkul
Plot :

Lynn is a mathematics prodigy and also a scholarship student in a prestigious school. She make money by helping her friends cheat in examination. She then receives another task that brought her to Sydney, Australia with Bank, another scholarship student. Both of them need to answer the international STIC examination and give the answer back to her friends in Thailand before the exam took place. This task involves millions-Bath and a large number of clients.

I'm always late for movies, this is two years-old movie and cause a blow up here in Malaysia (probably in another country too) but I'm just watching it for the first time. Heh.


I finally understand why this movie blow up. It is indeed a very good, great and excellent movie. I am loving the plot that made me anxious all time. The writer is definitely a cheater (no offense intended) and a genius. If I am one of the person who cheat in the exam, nah, I won't success. I mean, I barely can see what my teacher wrote on the whiteboard even though I'm at the front line. 

I love the balance of Bank and Lynn. Both of them are scholarship students. While Lynn being a bad example of a student by giving answer to her friends and let them cheat, Bank couldn't stand injustice and reported his own friend to the headmistress. However, when he attempt to get Lynn on his plan to cheat on GAT exam, Lynn refused as she had realized her mistakes and set things straight by reporting the STIC scandal to the board. 

I personally loves the moment when Lynn had to answer and remember all the answer to the exam, alone as Bank was caught. The whole scene gave me an extraordinary tension and anxious. I was on edge all the time ! There is not even a moment that got me bored, which is a good thing. I am glad that this movie is not like some typical high school movie. It is worth watching.

The actors definitely played their roles very well. Especially Lynn, she had this 'resting-bitch' face at the beginning. And seeing her nervous and on edge during the STIC exam was worth it. She had the worse moment in her life by agreeing to the task. She had her view changed after that. As for Bank, even though he was caught for cheating in the exam, his view was changed as he said, "even if we were caught, we won't be put in the jail.". I think that it was really daring and brave. He is willing to take another risk. I am quite disappointed in his new behavior. 

To wrap it all, this movie is definitely one of the best movie that I had ever watch. It is unusual for me to watch a thriller movie from Thailand as I prefer rom-com if it were Thailand. But this movie definitely had me change my mind. It is great !



  1. i will definitely watch this movie! thanks for suggestion. hee. follow here #121

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  3. dah tengok movie ni memang thrilling, suspense and gave us erti persahabatan serta pengajaran di akhirnya.

    1. kan kann ! walaupun Lynn ended up back stab kawan dia yng kaya tu but its for their own sake

  4. menarik citer ni.. ok jugala storyline dia.
    tapi cem gntung sket macam x dapat ending yang kite nak =P

    1. yeap,, setuju ! sebab I expect Lynn dengan Bank berbaik tapi Bank plan something else pulak..