Saturday 27 July 2019

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The Chronicles Of Evil

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Title : The Chronicles of Evil / Akui Yeondaegi / 악의연대기
Runtime : 102 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Released year : 2015
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Cast : Son Hyun Joo, Ma Deong Seok, Park Seo Joon, Daniel Choi
Plot :

Chief Detective Choi is set for a promotion. He went on drinks with his team to celebrate, on his way home, the taxi driver brought  him to a desolated place and a crime occurs. He accidentally killed the taxi driver. He decided to cover up the his crime because of his promotion.
When he woke up the next day, the news showed that the person he killed were found hanging on a crane at a construction site. The case then was assigned to Detective Choi.


First of all, I never ever thought that the plot would be so twisted. The movie started when Detective Choi was a rookie, he was forced to cover a case of a group murder. The first thing that came into my mind was, the child of the accused was going for a revenge. However, that thought slowly fade away as the story continues. The first person I suspected to be that child was Detective Cha, a maknae of the team. But seeing how passionate he is on his work, I get rid of that thought. Little that I don't know was he is the mastermind.

I had a hard time figuring who is the mastermind as they keep the flow of the plan very very detailed. The moment when Daniel Choi came into the picture, everything was just messed up. He played a character of an ex-actor and also a drug-addict. Even thought he had a minor role, his character are important. Towards the end, I still believe that he is the son of the person the accused years back. However, he is just a close friend of that son. He is the one who with Detective Cha from day one.

The most mind-blown secret of this movie was, the murderer of the cover up case. The one who killed the customers at the bar was Detective Cha himself, when he was little. He witnessed his father got beaten by the customers. He then change the alcohol to dangerous chemicals he found in the kitchen. Despite his confession towards the Detective Choi, his father still got the blamed and eventually executed.

I think nobody would thought that Detective Cha is the  mastermind. His character does not show any resentment or any sort of hatred towards Detective Choi. In my view, he thought Detective Choi as his role model, or mentor. He also figured out that Detective Choi were the one who killed the taxi driver and shut his mouth. He even had a closed relationship with Detective Choi's son. Never once it crossed my mind that he had everything prepared.

The last scene definitely gave an impact on me. Detective Cha finally confront Detective Choi, he asked him either he wanted to arrest him or let him lose. As Detective Choi had attached and remorse, he planned to shut his mouth even though he once said that he will arrest him. Detective Cha then killed himself in front of Detective Choi and Choi was arrested in front of his son. The plot seems simple at first but I was wrong. I definitely love every single twist and curves of this movie.

This movie was released on 2015 and filmed on 2014. However, the camera quality make this movie looked like it's from older year. Aside from that, I completely enjoyed the movie !



  1. ohhh cerita niii! ada tengok kat astro tapi tak sempat nak tengok ending dia. harap ada ulangan lah kat ASTRO hahaha.

    1. hahaha, ending dia sangat unexpected ! (walaupun awal-awal dah suspect seojun jahat, tapi plot twist dia haihhh)