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The Ghost Detective

Assalamualaikum ! Hi, here is another review of k-dramas. This drama was released last year and I only had the chance to finish it recently.

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Title : The Ghost Detective / Today's Private Investigator / Eoneului Tamjung
Episodes : 32 episodes (30 minutes per episode)
Genre : Romance, Horror
Network : KBS2
Cast : Daniel Choi, Park Eun Bin, Lee Ji Ah
Plot :

Lee Da Il is a former soldier. He was discharged due to a whistle blower case. He then begun a private inquiry agency with Han Sang Sub. Jung Yeo Wool is an orphan who became a part timer at the inquiry agency. She asked Lee Da Il to find the killer of her younger sister who commit suicide. They believed that the case they took was connected to the 'woman in red' ghost who killed Yeo Wool's younger sister.


I was actually a bit happy that this drama are not so scary like what I thought it would be. The only ghost is the 'woman in red', or Sunwoo Hye and Lee Da Il (sorry to spoil this but he died on the second episode but you should be able to guess, looking at the title). So, there are really low, like minimal amount of ghost popping out of nowhere.

The plot are really great at the beginning towards the climax. I love it when Da Il tried really hard to catch Hye with his limited strength. The scene where it was revealed that Hye is alive and in coma was definitely shocking. I really did not expect her to be in comatose situation, and had an assistance at that. Unlike other dramas or movie, Hye did not possessed the human being and killed them. She had the ability to control people by hypnotize them, she used someone darkest thought and asked them to kill themselves. If it was a fail, she gave them a choice, kill themselves or she would kill someone dear to them. I must say that this is scarier than getting possessed.

I can say that I really had a good time while watching this drama. The combination of the actors and their chemistry are really great. I loved the brotherhood between Da Il and Sang Seob. Even though they only had worked together for two years, it was enough for them to care for one another. And the one who played Hye, are really creepy. Her voice are definitely a perfect fit for the character.

Towards the end of the drama, when Yeol Woo and Da Il caught feeling for each other, honestly, it was my least favorite time. They tried really hard to protect each other from sacrificing themselves. Some may love how sweet they are, but it was not the case for me. If it were once or twice, then I will be fine. However, they really need to mention the same line over and over again to the point that I think the writer lose idea or something.

One thing about Daniel Choi is, he always played roles in drama or movie that I watched but I still had a hard time remembering his name. When I watched the first episode, I actually thought that he is Lee (?) Chang Min of 2AM. They actually had the resemblances and got me fooled until I wrote this review. Ha, busted.

I definitely dislike the ending of this drama. Well, this is a big spoiler so back off while you can. Lee Da Il died with Hye. Both of his body and his spirit. But he came back, like freaking came back ! I personally, hate this. Can they just ended it like how it was suppose to. Sigh. I am trying to open my mind to accept the ending.

Due to the disappointment that I had on the end, I could only rate this as 4/10.


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