Thursday 18 July 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #018

Assalamualaikum ~ How are y'all doing ? I'm getting better day by day with nothing much going on. Oh, I finally passed the first part getting my license *cheers ! And I couldn't wait to finally receive my license and the courage to face a new, thrilling world.

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I've been collecting tons and tons of books that I wanted to buy and read. Sadly, my mom had been refusing to give me the permission to buy them :( I hope it won't be long to get her permission. *sigh

So, that's it for this entry. Till then,

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  1. Waalaikummussalam! Alhamdulillah feeling good today~ Congrats on ur first part of license :) Oh, no worries kejap lagi mak bagi la tu izin beli buku lagi hihi