Saturday, 24 August 2019

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Brother of the Year

Assalamualaikum, holla ! Since its Saturday and its the weekend, I got to recommend one movie. It is Thailand's and it is a very good movie, especially when there;s Sunny ^^

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Title : Brother of the Year 
Runtime :125 minutes
Genre : Romance, drama
Released year : 2018
Country : Thailand
Distributor : GDH
Cast : Sunny Suwanmethanont, Urassaya Sperbund, Nickhun
Plot :

When he was little, Chud dream to have a little brother. However, when the baby is born, it was a girl. They grew up together and eventually lives together in a house in Bangkok. Jane then left to continue her study in Japan. Chud was extremely happy to have the house to his own. When Jane came back, she found the house in a messy, dirty and disgusting way. She then started working and fall in love with her boss, Moji. She planned to get married despite her brother protest.

Another Sunny's movie. Bae at his finest (despite him being an ass of a brother this time)


 For the starter, I would love to review on the plot, as always. I am expecting a cheerful and funny scenes of a brother spoiling his little sister's date. But, serious talk, he actually an ass. Sorry for the language. He didn't even bat an eyelashes when he skip her wedding day. If I am in Jane's shoes, I would be extremely sad and might also had the hatred towards him. But she's not me. It was sad  annoying when Chud keep feeding to his ego even when he missed his dear sister.

All the praises and applause goes to the main cast, Sunny and Urassaya ! They definitely did a very wonderful job on carrying the character. I love the emotions that the both of the portray in every scenes. Especially when Jane gave her speech on her wedding day about Chud, even though he is not there. She still had the string of hope that he will set his ego and came to her wedding. She also wanted to rekindle their relationship before she depart to Japan. But then, he crashed her hope again. For years, they didn't meet. Not even when she gave birth.

As for Nickhun, I think he looked a bit awkward to act. Well, I usually watch him being on stage, singing and dancing. Not acting. The awkward-ess moment was when he wanted to comfort Jane when Chud found out that she asked her friend to give job to him.

For the overall, this is an enjoyable movie even though the plot was not even close to what I am expecting. It definitely a family-friendly movie so it can be watched by all ages. Oh, might wanted to prepare tissue as the last one hour was quite heart-quenching scenes. 


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  1. I like the movie too., didn't expect it will get super sad and emotional by the middle of the movie. Truth to be told, one thing I learnt from this movie is tat we should never assumes what other might feel about us :)