The Terror Live

Assalamualaikum ! Hola people, what's up on monday ? Hehe.. I'm here to give a little bit of spice for your day. This review is of a South Korea movie and it is very intense and crazy. Make sure to watch it !

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Title : The Terror Live / 90 minutes of Tragedy / Deo Tereo Raibeu / 더 테러 라이브
Runtime : 98 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Suspense
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Cast : Ha Jeong Woo
Plot :

Yoon Young Hwa was a former anchorman before an incident that brought him to be demoted to the radio show. One day, a listener called during his segment and stated that he will blow Mapo Bridge if his demand was not met. It was taken as a prank call at first, but after the called was disconnected, Mapo Bridge which was located near the broadcasting building was blown. Yoon Young Hwa saw the situation as an opportunity for him to regained his position. However, the situation worsen and it was recorded live for the next 90 minutes.

This is one of the most intense movie I had ever watched ! The plot was really really great and none like others. The main character, Yoon Young Hwa is one crazy person because he still managed to take opportunity during an emergency situation. He is an opportunist who see every teeny tiny cracks that he could squeeze himself in. However, as crazy as he is, the one that made me seriously annoyed was the Yoon's chief. He is so shameless that once he achieve his target, he immediately leave from the building and had no care to whoever in the danger. Ugh. He didn't deserve to be a human.

As for the person who responsible for the bombing, his intention was only one. He only demanded an official apology from the President, no more no less. His condition was only that. He had no intention on harming anyone. The terror that he originally planned would had zero casualty. However when his demanded was not met, he the unfortunate event came. And he was shot down at the end.

I personally loved how the terrorist disclosed his identity for the first time. He didn't even used voice changer(?) when he talked on air. I actually thought he is an mentally ill person or someone who wanted to be on the center of the attention but I am wrong. He only wanted to tell the stories behind the construction of the bridge that he blew up. It is sad but it was not something that should be the reason of the terrorist. Maybe he did wanted the attention. Who knows.

During the scene whereby the building beside of the broadcasting station were bombed causing the said building to collapsed onto the latter, Yoon Young Hwa still managed to sit on his chair. It was an impossible thing to happen even if he grab onto the table.  Plus, the chair had roller and yet he managed to sit still. From my view, it was a bit unrealistic but for the sake of the movie, it is realistic.

Just like the typical crime-related movie/drama, when the criminal is dead, someone had to take the responsibility. So, when the terrorist was shot down, the upper management was planning to put the blame on Young Hwa. He then found out about that and took the remote bomb that was left by the terrorist and blew up the final bomb. Never I felt so satisfied over a main character death. Plus, it as better for him than to take the blame.