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The Five

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Title : The Five / Deo Paibeu / 도파이브 
Runtime : 123 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Distributors : CJ Entertainment

Cast : Kim Sun Ah, Ma Deong Seok, Shin Jung Keun, Lee Jung Ah, Jung In Gi
Plot :

After her family was killed by a serial murder, Eun Ah lives in despair. She is physically and mentally unstable. She decided to get revenge by gathering other four people who is in need of her organs as she had a rare type of blood.

This movie was produced based on a webcomic called 'The 5ive Hearts'  by Jung Yeon Sik.


All those two hours screen-play was so intense ! Especially when the killer broke into Eun Ah home and the last one hour. It was a crazy ride. The fact that the killer is actually a sculptor made it crazier. I was not expecting that at all. I only thought that he kidnap and killed his victims because of some type of obsession or maybe some painful events that made him that way. But girl, I was so wrong. He only killed because he thought himself as a creator who purify the soul and born them again. Tsk.

The people who was recruited by Eun Ah tried to go against her once, before they were told the side of her story. It was a human instinct to save themselves first before others as they all tried to get their part without doing the actual work. And again, it was human of them to accept the work after Eun Ah told her story. They even wanted to save her from killing herself to fulfill the promise she made with them.

I really really dislike the antagonist. I mean, he was so crazy about being a creator to a pure soul that he killed. He really have no sense of guilt or whatsoever. I was so satisfied when Eun Ah used her ability of creating domino's effect into use while catching him. Even though the first attempt was a fail. The way she ended him was a big satisfaction to me. He was killed with his own creation. At that moment, I finally felt like breathing again.

To the last moment, I had the hope that Eun Ah's daughter was alive, even when there was exact proof that she is died. Hm. If she were alive, maybe the ending can be a little happier. Oh, one of the organ receiver that was on Eun Ah's side was died. That, was unexpected.

Overall, I am satisfied with the storyline and not to mention all those actors did play their roles perfectly. I definitely love it !



  1. Reading this review reminds me of a korean movie titled "I Saw the Devil" and that was the most f-up Korean movie that I have ever watched fuhh. Might watch this movie soon! :>

  2. Adoi.. Macam menarik je lepas baca review ini.. Dah lama nak tengok filem ini tapi asyik tak berjaya je.. Sekurang-kurangnya lepas ini boleh betul-betul tengok filem ini..