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Mountain Cry

Assalamualaikum, holla ! Are you people still celebrating Eid ? Still doing korban ? Then I wish a very happy day for you. To those who had started working, then I hope you will have a happy day ahead.  As for today's review, it is a Chinese movie. It is a beautiful movie.

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Title : Mountain Cry 
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance
Country : China
Released year : 2015
Distributor : Village Roadshow Pictures
Cast : Lang Yueting, Wang Ziyi
Plot :

The movie was set in the year of 1984, started with the sudden death of a husband and a father to a family in a remote village on the mountain. Han Chong, the person who was responsible to his death was supposed to took care of the widow, Mute/Hong Xia and her two child until she came up with the compensation amount that she wanted. The villagers then learnt and understand the Mute's side of story with her power and her own voice.

This movie is a novel-based written by Ge Shuiping.


I actually was not expecting such a strong twist from this movie but there was. I loved how minimal conversation they had throughout the movie, it kept me guessing what Mute was actually trying to say. At the same time, it had me frustrated.

The plot definitely had me hooked. Especially after the vision or maybe memory from Mute's childhood was shown. I only had the grasped that she didn't love her husband seeing how to resist him. She was kidnapped and then sold to him when she was about ten years old, maybe ? Because she overheard the conversation she wasn't suppose to hear, her husband then cut her tongue. Definitely not expecting that one.

From my point of view, there was no heart fluttering moment between Han Chong and Mute. But I love how he took responsibility on her when he was against the contract at first. Charming ? Yes. Even though I am sure that I had an emotionless face throughout the movie, I can't help myself to stop watching. I don't know why I am so hooked on this movie.

The only time when I felt something was when Mute decided to turn herself in to save Han Chong from doing so. Dayum girl got so brave. And the truth of the death of her husband then was revealed through the letter she wrote. 

Overall, I love this movie. Even though it is a bit boring, but I can't stop myself from stopping in the middle. If there was an english translation to the novel, I would love to read that !


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