Saturday, 10 August 2019

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Missing 2016

Assalamualaikum, how's your week ? As tomorrow is Eid Adha, I wish all people who's celebrating will have a happy life ~ As for the review, here is a Korean movie with one of the actress that I really adored, Gong Hye Jin.

Title : Missing / Missing : Lost Woman /  Missing : Sarajin Yeoja / 미씽:사라진여자
Runtime : 100 minutes
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Released year : 2016
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Megabox Plus M
Cast : Uhm Ji Won, Gong Hyo Jin
Plot :

Jisun is a divorcee and currently fight over the custody of her child. While working at a PR company, Jisun juggles time between winning over the custody and spending time with her daughter, Daeun. Jisun then hired a Chinese-Korean nanny, Hanmae to take care of her daughter. One day, Jisun came home to an empty house. She begun looking for Hanmae everywhere. While searching for the woman that had her daughter, the story of Hanmae was revealed bit by bit.
Beside action, thriller movie, I also found interest in this such movie. A love between mother and child.


I honestly thought this will be another sort of psychotic nanny that got attached to the kid but when the history of Hanmae was revealed, I know I was wrong. Instead of got attached to the daughter, Hanmae was actually exchanging her own daughter, Jane with Daeun. Her back story was actually very pitiful that she took an extreme measure to have her child back.

The plot is simple and even though I was suppose to feel the pressure as Jisun looked for her daughter I did not feel such thing. Maybe it was because I knew that Hanmae will not harm the kid. However, I was shocked when Jisun found Jane inside the refrigerator of her own house. I feel sorry for the kid. With unstable state of mind, Hanmae may had put her into the fridge because she died with hot temperature.

Even though this is not as thrilling as what I expect, I did not feel bored while watching the movie. Every scene was actually interesting and every character definitely played important role. Usually, for this kind of movie, the police will had no function and the baby mother will be the sole savior. However, the police was actually did their job in getting back the baby to her mother.

I was quite disappointed with the ending. Hanmae was not supposed to die. Her life was pitiful enough and to killer her was just so cruel. But then the writer might wanted to say that a mother would always be there for her child. I think the scene was sad enough but I did not cry (big applause for me). 



  1. movie ekin kurang layan sikit sebab tak tahu nak tengok dekat mana sebenarnya ? ahahhaaa,, kalau korean drama banyak website yg ada.. kalau k-movie, ada website dia ke eh?

    1. selalunya kalau dekat website k-drama mesti ada jugak movies depa.. tapi mungkin tak banyak sangat kot.. kita selalunya tengok dekat kissasian tak pun myasiantv..

  2. Wah.. menariknya.. sedih tapi awak tak nangis..