Friday, 17 January 2020

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Assalamualaikum, hola. I'm back with another k-drama review. I just finished this one and it is a very heart touching drama. I tried not to spoil too much on the review, hopefully it is still great. Hehe

Title : D-Day / Di dei / 디 데이
Episodes : 20
Genre : Medical, 
Writer : Hwang Eun Kyung
Network : JTBC
Cast : Kim Young Kwan, Jung So Min, Ha Seok Jin
Plot :

Seoul was shocked with the sudden earthquake. The whole city became paralyze as the road was messed up, electricity, water supply and telephone line was cut. A lot of hospitals were forced to shut down due to lack in resources. Mirae Hospital then chosen to be the base for disaster relief because of the availability of the resources despite the protest of the hospital director, Park Gun.


I wondered why I never heard of this drama before because it is very great ! It had a very nice story line and great cast. The opening scene was very great and had me confused because I knew this drama is about natural disaster and life saving and not some bad boy related (because Dr.Lee was on his bike with full speed).

The scene when the earthquake happen was nerve-wrecking because it is appeared very realistic with the water burst from the pipe line, building collapsed and also the underground train shook and stop. Let's not forget the scene of Hangang Mirae Hospital collapsed. That was epic and sad at the same time. After everything Lee Hae Sung did to convinced the patient to get out of the building, two of the being stubborn and went back into the building right before the it collapsed. 

Lee Hae Sung character was the typical doctor's character whereby everyone need to be saved. He is stubborn and reckless but he also knew what he was doing. His only intention was to save every single patient and when he witnessed the death of the two patients he developed PTSD. 

There was not much of intense surgery scenes but more of who have the upper hand on handling the situation and how the unexpected situation arises during the time. As Lee Hae Sung was blacklisted by the hospital director, he had to beg on his knee to have the patients that he brought from Hangang Mirae Hospital to be treated at the Mirae Hospital. All of his actions was regarded as over-stepping his boundaries.

This drama shows the situation during earthquake and there was still people who would take advantage of the situation. First, the ultimate bad guy, the hospital director. I hate how he could find a tiny room to take in his advantage. His greed was just so unbelievable ! And then there's Congressman Go Ja Hyuk. He had pointed the natural disaster care in his campaign. So, when the calamity happened, he dream to built a new Seoul. But then, his intention was not evil, just a tiny bit annoying.

This is a great drama and I think I have cried quite a number of time, especially for the last three episodes. It serious seriously had tear me up so much. Kind of hoping medik viral channel on YouTube could do a reaction to one of the scene in this drama.



  1. suke tgk citer doktor2 ni..haha.

  2. Pernah tengok selingan je masa husband tengok. Macam best, tapi sis susah nak hadam cerita macam ni. ^^

    1. cerita dia best... mungkin sebb suasana masa earthquake tu kita tak biasa tengok

  3. According to your review, I'm pretty sure that this genre kinda suit to me. Hehe for that, I am soo gonna watch it later!! ;) *haish... cuti blogging lagi lah jawapnya.. hahah

    1. hahaha... blogging buat selingan je la XD

  4. i love this. watched this a few times and never get bored.

    1. woww, ive only finished this recently and might re-watch this sooner than i thought

  5. Drama pasal bencana ye.. Rasanya ada ternampak dekat MyDramalist, cuma tak tengok je.. hehehe..