Tuesday, 14 January 2020

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Strangers From Hell

Assalamualaikum, here is the first k-drama review of 2020 ! Finally I'm up for reviewing k-dramas again !

Title : Strangers From Hell / Hell Is Other People / Taineun Jiokida / 타인은 지옥이다
Episodes : 10
Genre : Psychological thriller
Writer : Kim Yong Ki (webcomic)
Network : OCN
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Cast : Im Si Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok
Plot :

Yoon Jung Woo is a man in 20s. He lived with his mother and an older brother who had a mental disability. When his senior in collage offered him a job in Seoul, he accepted the offer and went to Seoul. He then discover a studio room in a redevelopment area that fit his budget even though he had to share the bathroom and kitchen with the other resident, he agreed on the price. Jung Woo however did not like to live in the studio and he find the other residents weird and suspicious.


Honestly, this drama creep me out. Seriously. For a ten episodes drama, I could easily finished this in two days at most. But ! I had less courage to watch this drama alone, at night. So, I may have spent about three weeks to finish this drama. Yes, that long.

If I was Jung Woo, I would gone crazy earlier than he did (not that he went insane at the end but close enough).  I couldn't imagine living in a room with a very minimal light and no source of fresh air. Just watching him in the room made me feel so suffocated. 

You know about human instincts. The instinct to gnaw at the weak, and enjoy as weak suffer. - Seo Mun Jo

I really respect Lee Dong Wook. His character was so insanely creepy. I had never knew he had this side. I mean, I always watched him acted as a strong-will character like the one he did in 'Life' or maybe the witty and funny character he had in 'Goblin' but whatever it is, it sure not a psychopath.

I personally think that this drama had a very good plot. As much as I'm creeping out with all of the characters, I am enjoying my time watching this drama. I wonder how good the webtoon version. Hm. The writer definitely had some kicks in this type of story. Maybe, should made it less creepy. Heh.

Besides the people in the studio who are so sicks with the needs to kill people without any apparent reason, that one guy at Jung Woo's work place stressed me out. He portrayed someone who had a very low esteem but still had the guts to put others down with his word. Dang, I actually hate the sight of him. 

Well, even though I said that I enjoyed this drama, I might not want to re-watch. Like, ever.

Do you know why people turn strange? It's not that they're strange to begin with, but those around them make them that way - Officer Soh Jung Hwa



  1. Ada Lee Dong Wook? Adeh,, nak kena download la ni. ^^

    1. yeap ! Tapi tulah, dia psycho sangat dalam drama ni

  2. Haha kalau Hana pulak enjoy tak enjoy memang TAK lah nak re-watch balik :P well,nak habiskan satu drama ibarat satu penyeksaan bagi Hana hahahah
    Heheee sorry lari topik ;D Nice review btw :)

    1. kannnn, struggle gila nak habiskan... thank you !

  3. Drama ni best! Unik sangat! XD dan berjaya menyebabkan nightmares tiap-tiap malam XD

    1. hahaha, sebab tulah kalau boleh memang tak tengok waktu malam XD

  4. Sebab creepy sangat, Sha masih stuck dekat episod 2.. tak tahulah bila nak sambung tengok.. 🙈🙈

    1. hahaha... susah jugak bila terlebih creepy nii