Wednesday 29 January 2020

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Assalamualaikum, hi ! It's raining hard here at my place. I was really in a good mood so I decided to write a review on a very great movie. Hope you guys like it !

Title : Insane / Come To See Me  / Nal Boreowa / 날, 보러와요
Runtime : 91 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Suspense-Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2016
Director : Lee Chul Ha
Cast : Kang Ye Won, Lee Sang Yoon
WARNING : Sensitive content due to a minor adult scene
Plot : 

Kang Soo Ah was kidnapped in the broad day light and locked up in a psychiatric ward without knowing why. She was forced to take drugs and undergoes cruel violence. She begins to write all the horrific details of what going on in the psychiatric hospital. One year later, the diary of Kang Soo Ah was delivered to Na Nam Soo, a producing director in a broadcasting station. He then feels intrigued by the event and seek out for Soo Ah. Later, he found out that Soo Ah was charged as murderer and now served in the prison.

Alright... This is one of a hell movie. The plot twist was everywhere and the plot was so so so insane ! I may will spoil much more than what I supposed to sooo you have been warned ! Okay, so that girl, Soo Ah was kidnapped in the middle of the day and AT THE CROWD. Like, when those two men came to her and put her into the van, everybody was stunned but carried on with their lives.

The story then progress to how Na PD received the diary by anonymous person. Na PD was used to be a famous PD with his show, '24 Hours' that uncover the truth of a story or a case but then there was a rumor that he did something bad (I'm not really sure of this issue) and was used as the scapegoat. He went jobless for a year until the director of the broadcasting station (where he used to work) offered him a job as a PD for a ghost show.

When he received the diary, he was showing less interest because of he personally did not wanted to take the job but he had to. When a person mentioned in the diary, Han Dong Shik appeared at the scene with burned scars and all, he couldn't help but to investigate further and begin looking for Soo Ah.

What happened in the psychiatric hospital was definitely terrifying. With all the nurses used violent and sided with the hospital director is so sick. I definitely did not expect that they used all the patient for organ trafficking activities. That man would do anything for money. He also used one of the woman patient as a sex slave. That was so sick. Seriously.

The journey to uncover the truth behind the hospital and the murder was no easy as Soo Ah was claimed to have amnesia. Yes, she remembered what happened in the hospital but she did not remember her step father whom she was accused to commit murder on. The truth of her locked up was horrifying and nobody deserves to experience what she had.

The plot twist at the end of the movie was something that I did see it coming but decided to shrug it off. I was so blown-away by that. I could still remember the moment when Na PD sent Kang Soo Ah to her home, she said something to him. The thing that she said proved that she indeed is the murderer but Na PD did her a favor of telling her sides of story to the people. 

Every actors did a great job on screen. Kang Ye Won was so great that I could feel her terror living in the hospital. The only help she had was from Han Dong Shik who was a nurse that did not know about the organ trafficking performed by the hospital director. Even if his appearance was only a few scenes and short, he played a major role in this whole plot. Personally, I think the 91 minutes was not enough.



  1. suka lee sangyoon berlakon tapi tak tengok lagi movie ni..hehe |♕ Tiara Sapphire ♕

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    1. hm, takdelah sedih pun, cuma nasib Soo Ah tu memang unexpected sangat

  3. Sekali imbas teringat Sulli bila tengok heroine dalam poster tu.. =)

    1. haah... masa mula-mula tengok pun ingatkan sulli.. but it's not her..

  4. Adoi.. baca pun dah rasa macam sesak jantung.. kalau tengok, tak tahulah.. tapi cerita camnie best..

  5. okay yg ni ray x penah tgk lg