Saturday 1 February 2020

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Accidental Detectives

Assalamualaikum, holla friends ! How was your weekend ? We are in February now ! Allahamdulillah we had made it this far now. Today, I am writing a review of a popular movie back in the year of its released.

Title : Accidental Detective / Private Investigator : The Beginning / Tamjung : Deo Bigining / 탐정:더비기닝
Runtime : 120 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2015
Director : Kim Jong Hoon
Cast : Sung Dong Il, Kwon Sang Woo
Plot : 

Dae Man is an owner of a book rental shop. He also babysit his child when his wife is working. Dae Man had a great deduction skills and he used the skill to cover murder cases on his blog. He often visit police station to give his opinion to the officers. However, the highly respected detective, Detective No could not stand the sight of Dae Man. One day, Detective No's subordinate and Dae Man's close friend, Joon So was arrested for murdering one of his friend's wife. Dae Man and Detective No then paired up to prove his innocence.


I used to be judgmental of this movie, honestly. The title just didn't appeal to me at all. I mean, how can you accidentally be a detective? So, for this reason, I did not make an effort to watch this movie up until now. And, I am very glad that I watched this. It was so entertaining !! Hence, note to self, never ever judge a movie before you watch it. Hehe.

The plot of this movie are so great ! It was well balanced. The comedy scenes were so hilarious that I had to tone down a few times (watch this in the middle of quiet night). As for the thrilling scenes, it keep me on my toe and hide behind my pillow too. As they keep looking for the murderer, I never thought it would turn out to be done by few people. I only able to guess that the husband was the one who killed his wife and frame Joon So but man, it was so complicated and crazy.

Aside from the main characters that had me cracked up few times, the appearance of Lee Il Hwa had me grinning every time she appeared. As I am a very big fan of the 'Reply series', seeing this kind of collaboration (?) definitely great ! I swear, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa had a great chemistry every time they worked together.

I love how the way Detective No and Dae Man bond. We usually find that the character would bond through feelings or having to experience similar incident or was connected in the past but these two character was bond through their relationship with their wives. The topic of wife followed them until the end. 

So, I am still looking for time to watch the second movie, so yeah... Maybe anytime soon.



  1. movie ni best dan lawak giler, tak tengok lagi sequel dia.

    1. su pun tak tengok lagi... tapi insya-Allah dalam masa terdekat ni nak tengok.

  2. Pak cik tu... selalu berlakon lawak laa.. ^^

    1. haah... kena dengan character real life diaa

  3. suka juga tengok lakonan lelaki yang berusia sikit tu tak ingat nama apa..
    dia macam poyo2 garang gitu hehe.. citer ni belum tengok. banyak sangat tatau nak catch up mana 1 dlu

    1. hahaha.. faham sangat perasaan tu, melambak movie nak tengok sudahnya semua on hold

  4. Thank you for providing us with such valuable knowledge.