Tuesday 4 February 2020

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Accidental Detective 2 : In Action

Assalamualaikum, happy evening readers (even if it's not good for me) ! Sooooo, I kind of had time and I'm feeling very good to write, hence this post. So as promised, I had watched the sequel of Accidental Detective, and here is the review ! 

Title : Accidental Detective 2 : In Action / Tamjung : Riteonzeu / 탐정:리턴즈
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2018
Director : Lee Eon Hee
Cast : Sung Dong Il, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Kwang Soo
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Plot :

After solving the last case together, Dae Man and Detective No opened up a private investigator agency. However, they only came across trivial cases. One day, a pregnant woman came into the officer and seek for their help to uncover the truth behind her fiance's death. They became intrigued upon seeing the message from a man who was a close friend of the fiance. With the help of Yeochi, an ex member of Cyber Crime Investigation, they begun to investigate the case.


I don't usually watch a sequel to a movie, but now I think I am going to change. Hehe. Well, this sequel is almost as good as the first one except this one is a little bit funnier and less intense with the addition of Lee Kwang Soo as one of the main cast. I goota say one thing tho, as a fan of Running Man since the beginning, I just couldn't put Kwang Soo as a computer geek. But that what makes it funnier (at least for me).

As for the case that they worked on, it was a case of human exploitation, for money. I personally think that the first movie had a better concept of a case. The case in the sequel was something that I usually came across while watching crime-related drama. So, I kind of had everything figured out before the cast did (bangga kejap).

The chemistry between the three actors are great especially when they are all good friend. I can actually see how Dong Il treated Kwang Soo in real life. The mix between these two was just unbearable. They are hilarious !

I love how the new character of Department Head is someone who thinks similar to Detective No instead of someone who went against him. I mean, it's time for him to have an ally with bigger position, aite ? Even tho he came like a jerk the first time, he had a bigger heart (or maybe it was just the coverage that he wanted).