Saturday 8 February 2020

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Catch The Ghost

Assalamualaikum... So, recently I had finished another K-Drama that I really anticipated for its released because of one of the cast is the one that I really enjoy on the screen.

Title : Catch The Ghost / Yooryungeul Jabara / 유령을 잡하라
Episodes : 16
Genre : Crime, Romance
Writer : So Won, Lee Young Joo
Network : tvN
Cast :  Moon Geun Young, Kim Seon Ho
Plot : 

Upon missing his twin sister, Yoo Ryung took matters into her own hands by joining the Subway Police team. Yoo Ryung believes that her sister is the first victim of Subway Ghost murder but the detective in charge ignored her as there is no body. With the ongoing case of pickpocket, the Grasshopper where the whole train would be a victim of pickpocket and the Subway Ghost where corpses were placed under the subway train, the Subway Police and Metro Team had to solve the case in three months as promised to the public.


So, this is the comeback drama of Moon Geun Young as she went hiatus to focus on her health. I really am looking forward to this drama because I freaking love her acting. Plus, she is very cute if you haven't notice.

Unlike many of the crime drama, this one is less tense and thrill. The drama was heavy with humor that had me chuckling continuously. The first ten episodes were somewhat chill and the in between cases they worked on aren't heavy because as I quote Ko Ji Seok, 'they are petty thieves for reason'. So yeah, less headache for me. As for the latter episodes, you would find yourself guessing who is the real Subway Ghost and for what reason they or he or she did what they did. Shocking, shocking, it was twist after twist and I did not that coming at all. It took me awhile to understand what actually happen and who is the Subway Ghost. 

There was some plot holes that I desperately wanted to know what happen but obviously did not get because it was not on screen. So, I just had to assume which is sucks. And as for the casts, they definitely made the right decision to have Kim Seon Ho as the main lead. He definitely can be everything with that dimple of his. Hehe. I mean, he looks good even when he is mad. 

I don't really agree with the ending where Yoo Ryung and Chief Ko Ji Seok got together because I personally think that she is more suitable with Detective Kim Woo Hyeok. But then, Chief Ko is the one who could actually understand her more. But yeah, I see more chemistry between Yoo Ryung and Kim Woo Hyuk.

Anyway, it was a great drama and if I were to give rating, I will give a high one.



  1. kadang ending bukan heroin n hero yg kita nak bersama..frust jugak knn

    1. haha, taklah sampai tahap frust untuk drama ni

  2. Lawak sebab hero dia. Tapi lelama tengok tak lawak pun, bahkan makin best!

    1. hahhh, watak hero ni memang kelakar sikit, tapi makin lama makin romantik pun ada

  3. Best eh.. Ingatkan biasa-biasa je tu yang tak tengok.. TQ untuk review ini.. terus rasa nak tengok..