Tuesday 31 March 2020

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The Lies Within

Assalamualaikum, good day people ! Today was supposed to be the last day (am i right ?) of RMO before it was extended. I hope everything is going well and great. Here is another K-drama to messed up brighten up your day, hopefully !

Title : The Lies Within / Everybody's Lies 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller
Writer : Jeon Young Shin, Won Yoo Jung
Network : OCN
Cast : Lee Min Ki, Lee Yoo Young
Plot :

Detective Jo Tae Sik applied for a transfer when his mother fall ill. He then was assigned to an accident of an assemblyman, Kim Sung Cheol as his last case. He then realized that the accident was not an accident after all. While investigating on the case, he found out that Kim Sung Cheol's son in law, Jung Sung Hoon was missing. To find the truth of her father death and find her missing husband, Kim Seo Hui then became an assemblywoman. Both of them began to works together to uncover the truth.

Another intense drama that makes my head hurts. Guessing who is the criminal because there were so many suspicious characters and too much lies. Okay, first off, the plot was great and I really love the twists in the drama. Just like the title indicates, every character lies, if they're not lying then they are not telling the entire truth. 

In the beginning, I had suspected that Jo Yeong Min, best friend of Jung Sang Hoon is the one behind everything. Then when the Mr. In was taken into the police custody, I still trust my instinct because it would be too obvious if it was Mr. In. However, with the confusing and suspicious acts by these two main suspects, I begun to get confused until a crazy idea came up in my mind whereby Jo Yeong Min and Jung Sang Hoon plotted the whole thing together. It is crazy because who in the right mind would sacrifice their own hand and feet and eyeball just to uncover the truth so I discarded that idea. While watching this drama, my nieces had laughed at me because of the constant frown on my face. Yeah, the plot gave me that. All of the plot twists got me every time and I don't even expect them !

As for the characters, I love how the actor who plays Detective Jo Tae Sik. He is really fit with this character. I am not too familiar with his acting but I think he did a really great job. As for the woman lead, her characters was a little unfitting with the theme. Maybe if she was a little more aggressive and strong-willed, this drama would be more thrilling.

The ending ? Oh the ending. I can't even express how I feel. I strongly rooting for Jung Sang Hoon to came back to his wife alive but oh poor them. I guess I am a little disappointed for that. The process to uncover the truth behind the abduction had sacrifice some people and that was sad. But then truth was out and I guess that was enough. Would I watch this drama again ? Yes. Absolutely. So, if you're a fan of drama with a headache package, this is the one.

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  1. oh, Lee Min Ki laa... Nak kena cari ni..

  2. Wah.. Macam menarik.. Nantilah cuba tengok..

  3. Hahah tu lah... ingatkan esoknya dah boleh hirup asap kenderaan kat luar rumah hahah... bertabahlah lagi 14 hari. :P Hopefully, tak ada RMO fasa ketiga lah yaa. huhuhu :')
    Oh ya! nice review as always. ngeheh mampu baca review ja. Nak menengoknya tak jamin pulak ada mood ke tak ada! hahah ;)

    1. Allahu, harapnya cukup lah sampai 14hb ni... tak sanggup rasanya kalau extend lagi :')

  4. Banyaknya kdrama awak tengok kan.