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Leverage : Con Artists

Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! Today marks the first week of RMO and how's everyone ? Still sane, I hope. As a homebody and job-less person as me, this RMO was just another day for me but a little suffocating because my sister and her family is here and a little more people in the house. However, it was still great because I haven't see them in a long time. Back to the topic, today's review is from last year drama.

Title : Leverage : Con Artists
Episodes : 16
Genre : Crime, Drama
Writer : Min Ji Hyung 
Network : TV Chosun
Cast : Lee Dong Geun, Kim Sae Ron, Yoo Hoi Hyeon, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kwon
Plot :

Lee Tae Joon is an excellent insurance fraud investigator. Due to his son health, he quit his job and recruit Ko Na Byul and Jung Ui Sung to help him to steal the data of a new drug at Mirae Bio to give it to the rightful owner in exchange of getting the drug for free. However, things gone wrong during the operation and he was caught. Lee Tae Joon then realized that he was conned and lose his son. To get back to the people who used him, he form a team of five consisting Ko Na Byul, Jung Ui Sung, Hwang Soo Kyung (a theater actress con artist) and Roy Ryu, a head security at Mirae Bio who suffered a huge loss due to the missing data.

This drama is a remake of U.S TV Series with the same title that aired from 2008 to 2012.


I actually decided to watch this drama because of Lee Dong Geun. I have came to like his acting ever since I watch 'Rampant' and in need of more and more of his acting. So yeah, that's pretty  much how I came to know of this drama. Besides, I really love this genre so why not giving it a shot, aite?

This drama pretty much similar to another con artists drama entitled 'The Player' (click on the title to read the review). But, the similarity was only on the rough plot of the dramas whereas the storyline of each drama were completely different from one another. The beginning of this drama was a little rough because Lee Tae Joon struggled to save his son and conduct the operation of stealing the data at the same time. Things were a little confusing at that point because I definitely did not see any conman in the scene. And it makes sense when he was caught. To that point onward, it was an enjoyable ride with a little intensity.

I had a very great laugh while watching this drama. I love how they conduct their operation with every little detail but still came across unexpected situations. And watching them freaking out was definitely hilarious ! Another point that got me grinning every time was when Ui Sung denied interest towards Ne Byul but paid attention to her every time. The chemistry between the five actors was great and they really complete each other.

As the plot continues, I became to wonder who is the mastermind. As the 'Leverage' guys had begun their operation in conning all the problematic rich guys only to found out that they actually were helping the mastermind to work his plan out. Crazy? I know. For the first time ever, I had no one to point finger to because I really had no idea who had the potential to be the mastermind. Hence, I was really shocked when I found out who is the mastermind. He is a terrible person, I tell you.

One thing that I kind of feeling lost was Tae Joon and his wife relationship after their son died. I mean, during the operation to uncover the truth, his wife was at her parents' home. And not once she appeared after losing her  son. Not that it became an issue on the plot but yeah, I am a curious person. So... yeah.

The ending of the drama screamed a season two but I don't want to put my hope high. They were in Thailand to look for some 'black book' which I nor them know what was that thing. Seeing as the US version was aired for a long time, I am hoping to see more of this version.

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