Wednesday 18 March 2020

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Ode To My Father

Assalamualaikum, good day everyone.. As the Malaysian Government had released a 'Movement Restriction Order', we better abide by the rules and stay home. So, to fill your days at home, this a great movie to watch to kill time... Or at least for two hours of it..

Title : Ode To My Father 
Runtime : 130 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance, Family
Country/Language : South Korea/Korean
Released year : 2014
Director : Yoon Je Kyun
Cast : Hwang Jung Min, Oh Dal Su, Kim Yoon Jin
Plot :

Yoon Deok Soo was only a little boy when he begun to take the responsibility as the head of the family. His father was separated from the family when they tried to escape North Korea. The family then stay at their aunt store in Busan Gukje Market. Deok Soo works hard to support his family, together with his lifelong friend, Dal Goo. He then met his first love in Germany while working as a miner. Years had passed, Deok Soo refused to gave up on the store despite what the family and people said of him.


First off, I would like to warn you guys that this movie is a big time tear-jerking one. It's not even pass the five minutes mark when I started to tear up and cried. Yeah, it was that sad (or maybe it was just me). But then throughout the movie, I found myself sobbing quite few times. The moment when I thought that no more tears, I was proven wrong again and again.

Even though the movie was filled with endless tears, there were countless funny scenes to keep me entertain. The humor was mostly because of Dal Goo and his character's so hilarious ! Their friendship was so cute and something I definitely envied of !

This movie shows us the struggle of the older generation during the hard times. To support his family, Deok Soo took the job to be a miner in Germany where he then met his wife. It was so sad to see those people to work hard and send all their money back to home. When he went back to South Korea after the company terminates the contract, he wanted to pursue on his dream being a boat captain. He had passed the examination to enter the marine school but once again he had to make sacrifice as he overheard his sister's dream on a big marriage ceremony. He then brought his friend to Vietnam where the war was going on.

I am glad it was you and me who went through the hard times and not our children - Yoon Deok Soo

'Ode To My Father' highlighted the importance of the family and what a father, in this case, a head family went through to make ends. As the head family, Doek Soo make sure that he fulfill every needs of his family. He sent his younger brother to the most prestigious university, he married off his sister he take care of his mother, he keep his aunt's store as per her request and most importantly, he found the sister that he lose !

As he grew older, a lot of people found it hard to communicate with him. Everyone thought that he was hard-headed and too old. He refused to sold off the store even though every single person in the family opposed his decision. Actually, I can easily guessed to why he wanted to keep the store so desperately. And for me, it was the hope that keep him going and when he realized that the hope was no longer there, he sold the store off.

This movie definitely a great movie to fill our days inside the home, so watch it ! I hope everyone would stay safe in this situation ! Make sure to keep our health in check !

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