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Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! How was your weekend ? As usual, I am spending my days in the house with my k-dramas and movies and e-books so it's pretty much the same for me. With the situation around the world, I'm hoping and praying for everyone to be safe and healthy. And now, this entry is for a drama that I spent a little bit over two weeks to finish not because it is not good but because I've been a lazy bum. Yeah.

Title : Vagabond 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Spy-Action, Romance
Writer : Jang Yeong Chul, Jung Kyung Soon
Network : SBS
Cast : Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung Rok
Plot :

Upon losing his nephew, Hoon to a plane crash, the stuntman Cha Dal Gun begun to seek for the truth. He stumbled to a man who appeared in the video recorded and uploaded by Hoon inside of the plane before takes off in Morocco. He was convinced that the plane crash was an act of terrorism. With the help of Go Hae Ri, an NIS agent, they begun to pursue for the truth behind the fatal crash that killed more than 200 people.

This is the second drama that Lee Seung Gi and Suzy works together after starring in 'Gu Family Book' in 2013.


This drama was filled with twist after twist and it was a hella one ride. At first, I was really convinced that the people who responsible for the crash was doing it for winning the bid of South Korea government's security plan. But then, there was more into it. So much conspiracies and so much political influences involved in the incident which I think was crazy. 

The plot got me thinking so much. If anyone remember, there were cases involving MAS plane in 2014. Yeah, I'm talking about both MH 370 and MH17. Both cases still remain mystery up until now. No one had came up to take the blame. It was so sad that it might stay that way.

Back to the drama, it was filled with so much action scenes that I love. The one when they brought back Kim Woo Gi from Morocco to SK was the best for me ! With the government had their back on them and with the sniper taking chance to kill the witness, it was a very big scale ! It's been so long since I watched a drama with with such scenes. Aside from being thrilled with the scenes, the emotional scenes also had me teared up few times. Especially when the memories of Cha Dal Gun and Hoon comes into the play and also when Go Hae Ri was remembering her teammates that was killed during the operation to bring back Kim Woo Gi in Morocco. Damn, that one hits so hard.

The hardest mission was to come back alive - Gang Ju Cheol

Just like the poster shows, this drama involves a large number of supporting casts and every one of them played a major role in the drama. I usually had a hard time to distinguish who is who but I guess I had overcome that problem because I could easily tell them apart. One thing that had me screaming in joy (not literally of cos) was Shin Sung Rok in the good side ! He was so charismatic and great and everything ! 

One thing that I thought was unfitting was the title of the drama and the story line. Apparently, Vagabond was a secret place, sort of undercover, used by Gang Ju Cheol (the team leader of good side in NIS) and Go Tae Ung (Shin Sung Rok) to help in the investigation. The thing is, the place was only comes into the play when the team was attacked in Morroco which was on episode 8 or something and their contribution in the drama was a little limited as they only help when the good side couldn't find their own solution and had to ask for Vagabond help.

Vagabond doesn't actually stay until the end because Cha Dal Gun went his way and became a mercenary after faking his death while Go Hae Ri leaves NIS and became a lobbyist with the help of Jessica Lee. And yeah, it was an open ending and kind of hanging with no confirmation of season two, yeay for me (note the sarcasm). However, I do understand the heaviness of this drama may lead to no continuation. One thing that I really wonder was, did they (NIS team aside from Go Hae Ri and Cha Dal Gun) found out who Samael was. So, I'm hoping for a season two to answer my question !

What if the truth that you knows wasn't the truth after all ? - Jessica Lee

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  1. dah boleh agak si samuel tu jahat tapi still terkejut juga dengan plot twist dia..hhehe. harapnya ada la sambungannya.. ♕Tiara Sapphire♕

    1. haha... awal-awal tahu dah samael tu jahat, cuma identitinya tak tahu siapa

  2. Huahhh Bae Suzy comel gilaaa!! nak nangiss tengok... *ok tu je nak komen ngehehe :P
    Nice review as always! ;)

  3. Vagabond is definitely on my list because of Shin Sung Rok. I love that guy!

    1. that guy is brilliant ! one of the actors that need more recognition !

  4. Wah.. teruja pula nak tengok lepas baca review ini..