Friday, 17 April 2020

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Hit-And-Run Squad

Assalamualaikum, how are people holding up ? I hope everyone of us are in great condition and for the Muslims, Ramadan is coming up real quick ! How was your preparation? This Ramadan is no doubt would be a little different from what we were used to but I'm hoping that it would not affect our deeds during that month. Anyway, here is a review of a movie from last year that I had recently finished, or more like last week recently. Hehe.

Title : Hit-And-Run Squad / BbaengBan
Runtime : 133 minutes
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Country/Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Han Jun Hee
Cast : Ryun Jun Yeol, Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Suk, Yum Jung Ah, Jeon Hye Jin
Plot :

Lieutenant Eun Shi Yeon was working at the regional investigation unit in National Police Agency. Her team was investigating a bribe case involving the higher up in the police agency with Jung Jae Chul, and ex-F1 driver and now a businessman. When their team failed to acquire the prove, team was dissolved and she was transferred to a hit-and-run investigation team. Lt. Shi Yeon begins to work with Officer Seo Min Jae who was also considered as the ace of the team. She discovered that the team was working on a hit-and-run case with Jung Jae Chul as the prime suspect. They worked together to catch him.


This movie had been on my folder for so long. I had even forgot the blurb and eventually mixed it with another movie called 'Extreme Job' that I had yet to watch (let's hope it will be watched soon enough). First of all, I'm going to say that  got really excited when I see Ryu Jun Yeol on the screen. I had always wanted to watch another works of his after 'Reply 1988' but didn't had the chance. He was so great in that drama and he definitely even better on this movie. It was a whole new side of his.

As for the plot and storyline, I personally loved it and I think it's great. I am not sure why there's so many bad reviews on this movie in regards of its plot. Sorry not sorry. There were plot twists here and there but all of them wasn't much a shocker. However, I had to admit that the first quarter of the movie kind of bored me out because of too much cast were introduced. But things started to pick up from the moment Lt. Shi Yeon was transferred to the hit and run team.

My favorite scene was when Jae Chul and Min Jae had a showdown. Damn, that scene was the highlight of this movie ! I love how that scene calm me down but keep me toe at the same time. I loves how Ryu Jun Yeol acts out his character. His calm demeanor he had when Jae Chul caused unexpected barrier during the chase was really good. He don't even flinch and just went on, he had his focused on the road and  completely ignored Lt. Shi Yeon look. Another thing that I noted as very great was there was absolutely no conversation between the two of them. They act with their facial expression and that itself deserves a high praises !

This movie had a great casts line and all three main casts are my favorites ! Jo Jung Suk were really great with that stutter that it almost looks real. I don't think I've ever watched him as an antagonist but he did a great job on being one ! And as usual, Gong Hyo Jin never disappoint. Her versatility shows with different roles she had and she definitely one of my favorite Korean actress.

The ending of this movie actually gave a vibe for the second but nothing was confirmed, yet. The cameo of Kim Go Eun were really eye-catching and I am up for the second season ! 

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  1. eh, another cerita Hyo Jin.. jap masuk wishlist, nanti tengok. Hee~

    1. haha, nampak dah minat lakonan hyo jin

  2. Hyo Jin ni berlakon takpernah tak best!

  3. Ryu Junyeol asyik berlakon movie je sekarang. I'm not really a movie person, I prefer kdramas, so bye-bye Junyeol XD Hopefully dia sudi berlakon drama lagi.

    1. hahahaha, nak jugak tengok dia belakon drama lg

  4. Replies
    1. there's no confirmation yet... tapi based on the last scene, we might get the second season !

  5. Macam tak sangka bila tengok pelakon yang selalu bawa watak baik sekali bawa watak jahat, ohsem tu..