Sunday 3 May 2020

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The Outlaws

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! How is your Ramadan so far ? Here I am again to fill another time of your day with another movie review ! Okay, maybe some of you guys had watch this before. It is great, aite ?

Title : The Outlaws / Criminal City
Runtime : 121 minutes
Genre : Action, Crime
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2017
Director : Kang Yoon Sung
Cast : Ma Dong Seok, Yoon Kye Sang
Plot : 

Ma Suk Do is a detective in Chinatown area of Seoul. He had been working for 15 years in the area. He tries to keep peace while two Chinese-Korean gangs battle over turfs in the neighborhood. The neighborhood was in chaos when one of the gang was taken over by Jang Chen, a loan shark from China. He was backed by two of his henchmen, Sung Rak and Yang Ben. Their method to collect money was beyond brutal. Ma Suk Do then was pressured to catch them.

This movie is based on true story of 'Heuksapa Incident' in 2007 where the detectives arrested 32 people who were part of the gang.


Oh well, for Running Man lovers you might be familiar of this movie because of the Jang Chen's impersonation that they usually did and that, how I came to know the existence of this movie. First off, it was a great action movie with a very simple plot. It is a story of two major gang who fought for turfs but things when over board when one of the gang fall in the hand of Jang Chen, a loan shark with no mercy. And cruel. One things led to another, it leaves the detectives no choice but to caught Jang Chen's gang all at once.

The main characters shined and they definitely the perfect fit for the roles they played. I am very familiar with Ma Dong Seok and for me his character in this movie was just another of his main strength. Always the good guy with some bad action. And as for Yoon Kye Sang, this is the first time I watch over his work so I don't have much to say. But he really did look scary playing Jang Chen. A merciless loan shark.

The camerawork really did wonder ! Despite so much action scenes, it was smooth and there's not much motion which I found great. Too much motion means headache. Despite being an action movie, this movie did not have any heavy plot and it is very straightforward. I have nothing to think of and no guessing required, which was good since all I've been doing while watching a movie or drama was guessing the bad guy and the intention of their action.

The ending is laid out clear so I have nothing to say. However, I am looking forward for the sequel of this movie which should be out anytime this year. And another surprise (or not), Salman Khan, yes that Salman Khan would released a remake of this movie during Eid this year. So, I have so much to look forward to !

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  1. never watched this movie.. kurang minat genre macam ni.
    tapi baca storyline macam best la pulak.. based on true story pulak tu..

    jemput join segmen bloglist SYM

    1. ni best ! and thanks for the invitation..

  2. ada dalam list tapi belum tengok lagi..hehe

  3. Pernahkah daku melihat ini? Hurm... Macam pernah. Haha

  4. Cite yg ada Ma Dong-Seok ni tak pernah la tak best.