Friday 31 July 2020

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Crash Landing On You

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Salam Aidiladha to my muslim friends too. Here is the weekly k-drama review and it is one of the highest rating drama !

Title : Crash Landing On You / Love's Emergency Landing
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic-Comedy, Military, Drama
Director : Lee Jung Hyo
Writer  : Park Ji Eun
Network : tvN, Netflix
Cast : Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Jung Hyun, Seo Ji Hye
Plot :

Yoon Se-Ri is a heiress to Queen Group and also the owner of Seri's Choice apparel company. She volunteer to participate in her new product-testing activity, paragliding. Due to unexpected weather changed, she made an emergency landing in the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea. Captain Re Jeong Hyuk, a North Korean army officer found her and tried to help her to the South Korea border. Se-Ri then make a run from him,which led her to North Korea. Ri Jeong Hyuk then tries to hide and protect her until she made it to her home.
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had worked together before for a movie, 'The Negotiation' which was released in 2018.


First off, I was actually a little skeptical to watch this drama due to excessive praises and high rating from all the popular review sites and friends. Well, through my experience, even though the review were all saying great things it turns out just nice for me. However, this drama definitely deserves all the recognition. I usually took almost one week to watch a drama but this drama had an exception. I just couldn't get enough of Seri and Jeong Hyuk. True to every reviewers out there, they really looks good together !

The plot was actually simple to understand. A little details of Seri's family life was actually very relatable to the world of chaebols. Growing up in a competitive and cold family made her unfamiliar to interact with other people. When she ended up in NK, she had the warmth of a family from the woman in the village also the friends she never had in Ri Jeong Hyuk and his company of five. 

Ri Jeong Hyuk had to hide and sent Seri back to her home country without getting caught by the State Security Department (something like the police through my understanding) because he couldn't trust the man in charge. Having a history of losing his dear brother, all the mysterious accident made him anxious to hand her to the man.  The journey of hiding and sending Seri's back to her country was a challenged, they failed a few times, got caught by the SSD, met Jeong Hyuk's fiancee and Seri's ex-fiance, and finally got caught by Jeong Hyuk's father. There was so much things happened in order to sent her back and in all the mess, there were countless funny scenes that got me laughing so much and the romance between two main casts in between the chaos were just so cute!

The heart-wrenching scenes picked up from the moment the two casts were separated, and let me tell you, I cried a river when they finally reunited. Another plus point here was the cameo of Kim Soo Hyun who acted as a spy from NK, a character from a movie, 'Secretly, Greatly' (oh, missing this movie because it is one of my favorite) and Choi Ji Woo  as the actress that one of the comrade love. 

Beside the two main character, I really love it when Seo Dan (Jeong Hyuk's fiancee) and Gu Seung Jun (Seri's ex-fiance) on the screen. They had a great chemistry together. Even though they only realized the love they had for each other a bit late, they really cute. With Seo Dan's cold and fierce and assertive personality match with Seung Jun's quirky and fun and caring personality made them good together. Ohh how I wish they had a little different ending.

The ending of this drama was a little sad for me despite the main couple still together but it is still not enough for me. I mean, two weeks in Switzerland and wait for another whole year?! Aren't that a little excessive ? Or  is it just how NK works? Well, I am not sure but I really need them to be together like together. Another sad thing was, Seri could never asked how the ahjumma back at the village how they're doing let alone met them. As for the closure, she named her next product with their names and face.  They're just between the borders but they can never met again. Same goes to the comrades in Ri Jeong Hyuk's company. They would be wondering if Seri's doing well and can never communicated with her again.

The scenes were all so beautiful and picturesque and my most favorite was the one when Seri's and the comrades went to a picnic. That was a beautiful one. And of course the scenes shoot in Switzerland. That country always had a beautiful places that I really wanted to visit. Maybe someday.

I didn't intend for this review to get this long lol. Anyway, there is rumor for season two, is it true ?!

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  1. nangis teruk sebab cerita ni :( sedih btul watak gu seung jun dan seo dan

  2. selamat hari rayaaa......
    good review but hmm korean ni.. kurang sikit

  3. Baru sudah? Anyway, Salam Aidiladha sis!

    1. haah, biasalah cerita gini tak kena sangat dengan taste hahaha tengok pun sebab banyak good review n hyun bin ihiks

  4. Nak tengok but ramai cakap sad ending soooo nanti-nanti lah.

    1. not really sad ending for the main couple tapi memang jalan ke ending tu drama air mata saja

  5. suka hyunbin, tersengih je tengok dia berlakn dalam drama ni..hahahaha

    1. hahah samalah kitaaa, lagi lagi bila dia jeles tengok seri interact dengan comrade dia hahaha

  6. love love love. rasa nak tgk lg

  7. tu lah.. ending dia agak sedih sebenarnya..

    1. kan kann, 2 minggu setahun tsk tak adil betul