Friday, 7 August 2020

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Cheo Yong

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! I was actually planning for Eid Adha post last weekend but get so caught up with all the cooking and the socializing with my family made me so lazy to type and all. So, yeah, no post. Anyway, for my weekly k-drama review, here I have an old drama that I watched for the first time. 
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Title : Cheo Yong / Ghost Seeing, Detective Cheo Yong / Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective
Episodes : 10
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Action
Director : Lim Chang Ik
Writer :Hong Seung Hyun
Network : OCN
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Cast : Oh Ji Ho, Jeon Hyo Seong, Oh Ji Eun
Plot : 

Detective Yoon Cheo Yong is born with the ability to see and hear ghost. Ever since he lost his partner seven years ago while trying to catch a ghost who killed people, he quits from the Wide Area Search team and work at the patrol division. He then met a high school girl ghost , Na Young who was trapped in the police station  for unknown reason and started to work at the WAS team again with Detective Ha Sun Woo as his partner. Cheo Young and Sun Woo solved the cases with the help of Na Young.


I don't remember how I stumble onto this drama but yeah, here we are. For a drama that was released in 2014, I personally think that the cinematography was bad. Like, it was so disturbing to the point that I couldn't enjoy the drama. At first, it was just subtle movement that I could just easily ignore. However, as the episodes went by, the camerawork get worse. The action scene was filmed with shaky footage and it made nauseous. The constant zooming in and out while the characters speak were just as bad. I don't see the point of doing that. 

The plot of the drama was easy to understand but with little bits of missing pieces of the past between Cheo Yong, Sun Woo and Na Young. I love the interaction between Cheo Yong and Na Young. They really matched well with their characters. As for Sun Woo, she is a bit out of it. Her character was too weak to be a detective, a detective who wants justice for her dead friend at that. Out of all characters, Sun Woo is a little baseless with her past. Sure, she is a good friend of Na Young that she wanted justice to her death but her 'obsession'  towards Cheo Yong baffled me. She only met Cheo Yong on one occasion and that was because Cheo Yong was chasing the evil spirit. If she had a little stronger back story with Cheo Yong it might be more reasonable for her character.

Despite the genre was classified as horror, I don't really think it is horror as the ghosts only appeared once or twice. Even that wasn't able to scare me, a scaredy cat. Some cases doesn't match well with the theme even. Some just doesn't make sense how they closed the case. It doesn't sit well with me. Oh, another minus point was the set they used. I am not sure either they were on low budget or what but the police station could do much better. I mean, the whole team shared space with some other police officers who doesn't contribute in the drama. I personally think that it was a waste of space. They at least could be the back up for the WAS team but ugh.

The last case they work was the case that linked the main three character together. Just like another detective drama, Cheo Yong was accused as the suspect and went on the run while solving the case. What I couldn't understand was how he cleared his name because the real suspect and killer was an evil spirit who was wronged by Cheo Yong ? Right after he able to punish the spirit, they just went on with their normal day and there was no further explanation on how he was cleared of all charges. Ohh, my head !

And to think this drama was able to get a season two was really weird. Even so, I am on my way to finish the second season. Wait for it ~

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  1. tak salah ada cita japan mcm ni.. tajuk border

  2. i love this kind of drama. no wonder. It's OCN!!!!

  3. ini best laaa.. simpan lama bru tengok yek.. Sis tengok masa di dtayangkan di 8tv

    1. hahah best tu memang best cuma dia punya cameramen macam apa jekkk, sakit kepala tengok

  4. sha suka genre ini..
    drama ini dah tengok.. hehehe..