Tuesday, 21 July 2020

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Perfect Proposal

Assalamualaikum, and good err night ? Oh, sorry good evening. Alright, it's been like one week ? Maybe ? Since I watch this movie but me being the professional procrastinator, only now I'm feeling great and nice to finish this review. It is yet, another one from South Korea.

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Title : Perfect Proposal / Secret Temptation
Runtime : 110 minutes
Genre : Romantic Thriller
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2015
Director : Yoon Jae Koo
Writer : Catherine Arlay (novel), Yoon Jae Koo
Cast : Yoo Yeon Seok, Lim Soo Jung, Lee Kyung Young
Plot :

Ji Yeon works at a bar in Macao to paid off the debt of her ex-business partner. The amounts had accumulated to big figures and she no way out. One day, her friend came up with a job vacancy advertisement that paid big amounts. Tempted with the salary offered, she went to the interview. Ji Yeon then met with Sung Yeol, the son of a millionaire, casino owner, Kim Seok Koo. Sung Yeol offers a job that could make her a most richest woman in Macao. She soon boards the lavish yacht as Kim Seok Koo's caregiver. From that moment onward, she plays an important role to a game to win the inheritance money.

This movie is based on a French novel written by Catherine Arley, 'La femme de paille' first published on 1956 by Editions Jeheber. U.S film entitled 'Woman Of Straw' (1964) starring Gina Lollobrigida and Sean Connery was also based on the same novel.


Why didn't I watch this soon ? I don't think I have ever watched a romantic thriller before and this movie had me really really interested in the genre ! I think this movie had a perfect balance of romance and thriller. The first half would be more romance than thrilling and the second half was vice versa. When I first found out of this movie, I just thought it was thriller because of the scam between Ji Yeon and Sung Yeol to gain Kim Seok Koo's inheritance money. But damn, it was more than that.  I really did not see the plot twist coming. 

I personally loves Ji Yeon's character. She was skeptical when she firs heard of Sung Yeol's proposal and decline the offer. At least, she had that much conscience not to accept his offer. However, with her pressing situation, she had to find a quick way to earn money and Sung Yeol's offer was just right in front of her eyes. Even when the situation came unexpected, she tried to back out but because of the trust she put on Sung Yeol, she endured it all, until she had to take the fall. That's when she seek out to herself and stand up for her.

Another plus point in this movie was the cinematography. Well, it was great and very much picturesque because of the scene on the yacht. Nothing could gone wrong with that, right ? It was so beautiful first half. My favorite scene was when Sung Yeol and Ji Yeon dance while the all the cabin crew was on break. Definitely the best !

This movie progress at a just nice pace. I don't think it was rushed or too slow because everything laid out just nice. The ending was very much satisfying for me even with a little unnecessary character sacrificed. Ji Yeon had her justice and plus point by being the Cinderella that wins. 


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