Friday 17 July 2020

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Nobody Knows

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! How was your week ? I have another k-drama review to shared on and this one was released this year so enjoy the ride. What I have to say first is, this year drama that I have watched was so good that I couldn't pick favorite !

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Title : Nobody Knows
Episodes : 16
Genre : Crime, Melodrama
Director : Lee Jung Heum
Writer : Lee Eun Hyang
Network : SBS
Cast : Kim Seo Hyung, Ryu Deok Hwan, Ahn Ji Ho, Park Hoon
Plot :

Cha Young Jin lost her only friend to a serial killer. Filling with guilt and trauma of losing her friend, she vows to catch him and she eventually became a detective. After 19 years of chasing the ghost, the killer finally made a move. Young Jin was so close in catching him but lose him when he jumped off the building. The next day, Young Jin receives a news of Eunho, her 15-years old neighbor jumped off a 10 story hotel building. She begin to investigate both cases to find the truth.


The first episode gives a very intense and mystery vibe to me. Starting with the murder of Cha Young Jin's only friend by a serial murderer and the phone call received by Young Jin and back to the present where she lives her live to find the killer. The first few episodes had me overwhelmed a little because there was so much information to suck in and having a big number of characters doesn't help me either. 

The plot was confusing at first because of the unknown story and it makes me really hooked on this drama. After Eunho's accident, the plot slowed down a little as no one really knows what happened to him. Even with the plot slowed down, it doesn't kill the curiosity inside me. The plot had continuously rise confusion and new founding evidence what might happened to Eunho before his fall but nobody could conform the mystery because Eunho was unconscious and well, dead body every time.

One thing that I really didn't expect from this drama was how emotional Young Jin was. Usually, the main character who hold grudges against the serial killer tends to be rude, emotionless and of course fearless. However, Cha Young Jin's character had to portray so much emotion on her. One moment she was so strong and had the willpower to face everything and the next she crumbled down and cry her heart out. 

I personally loves all the actors in this drama. Watching Ryu Deok Hwan played a righteous teacher was a bit awkward for me because of all the God Quiz's season that I watched back then. I kind of get attached to his easy-going and playful character. This character definitely gave me a new side of him. As for Ahn Jiho who played Eunho, he really did well and the character fits him well. I love the way he interacts with Young Jin, always with admiration. Park Hoon was admirable as always. He creep me out when he acts all nice and righteous before his facade fall down. I keep wondering if he really did the bad things before his secret was revealed. His character quasi like Im Joo Hwan's in 'The Game:Towards Zero'. And I think I have spoke too much of Kim Seo Hyung who played Cha Young Jin.

The ending of the drama was a big satisfaction for me. I love how every character had their closure and patched up the loose ends. And the best things was, no one from the detective team were killed off, just a little scratched but that was the nature of their character. I personally think that everyone would enjoy this drama like I do. 

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  1. she's always on this kind of genre drama. best!

  2. im not keen for k-drama but u make it sound good.. i need to conclude it in my list now

  3. the plot looks interesting. added to watch list tapi assignments bersusun hahaha sebulan je lagi nak marathon

    1. hahaha, finished off what's important first then have your very deserving rest !

  4. Klik sebab ingatkan laki. Tapi, macam familiar dengan mak cik ni. Eh, Haha Drama genre macam ni sejuta tahun nak kumpul mood dia. Haha

    1. Hahaha, rambut pendek macam laki mana taknya. tapi drama ni best sebab bnyk konflik ahhaha, kalau dah terkumpul mood tengok laa