Thursday 9 July 2020

# me and my life # thoughtless thursday

Thoughtless Thursday #030

credit to : @/momentaryhappiness on instagram

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest. I often find myself read the posts made by that ig account, she had a great with her words and I often find them interesting and of course inspiring. That picture above is one of my favorite, I had it saved both in my phone and laptop. 

The things with me is I made excuses. I had hundreds, thousands and even millions of them. In my head, I wanted to try a lots of things, I wanted to go places and I had tons of plan. I had the passion but that passion wasn't enough for me to complete the tasks and plans I had. And when the chances were gone, I would regret them because well, it was either my only chance or I don't know when will I have the same chance again. 

What I need is courage, the courage that will make me try the things, the courage that will drove me to explore the places and the courage that will drove into working on my plans. Maybe I am too comfortable in my place now that I am scared to go out of the circle. I am scared that if I ever went out of my circle, the world would started to condemn me and press me down. I need the courage to change me first. A slow and steady, starting from this moment because I won't have another chance. This is it.



  1. Yeahhhh i felt it too sometimes and even right now! Kekadang bila semangat plan macam macam siap jot down on notes tapi at the blink of time, eh eh malasnyaaaaa! Hahhaha.

    Tu lah tangguh tangguh and just make plans.. Akhirnya none of that happen. So i try to always motivate diri sendiri dengan read things yang bermanfaat.

    Plus,tengok kejayaan orang lain so that kita pun rasa 'kalau orang boleh, why not me' ha cenggitu lah lebih kurang hehee.

    1. True that ! Kalau dah ada penyakit malas tu hm memang kesudahla tak jadi apa... so memang kena sentiasa motivate diri sendiri

  2. This is so damn true and sometimes I am tired of myself making excuses each and every time. I'm trying to not to do so now.

    1. gotta keep ourselves in check every so often